How to select and maintain cycling pants?

At the beginning of taking part in cycling, many people will feel that cycling pants look “shy” and hesitate to “wear cycling pants”.

However, if you ride for a long time, you will deeply feel the pain from your hips.

If you continue to ride with pain, you may cause serious skin damage and even the possibility of infection with urethritis.

The greatest advantage of wearing riding pants is to reduce the discomfort when the hips press on the seat cushion, reduce the impact from the ground, and improve riding comfort.

In addition, the materials and shapes adopted by most of the riding pants can be highly fitted with the body, which will not hinder the step action and reduce the wind resistance, so any advanced knight will wear riding pants.

Why is it uncomfortable to ride a bicycle for a long time? As soon as you get on the bike, the position where your thighs, hips and seat cushions contact will feel oppressive.

Once the riding time is prolonged, the vibration from the ground, as well as the pressure and friction at the contact point of the seat cushion, will more or less burden the crotch, which may lead to crotch burning, skin breaking, and even injury to the urethra, urethritis and other symptoms.

To reduce the impact of the ground and the friction of the seat cushion on the hips, wearing cycling pants is an excellent solution.

Good cycling pants can effectively reduce the pressure and pain of the hips.

However, there are a variety of styles of cycling pants, and the pants pads sewn in the cycling pants are also different in appearance and material.

What are the key points to pay attention to when purchasing? Now let’s see the difference between cycling pants? 1.

The fitting degree of the trouser pad Whether the trouser pad can fit the hip well is a key point for selection.

If there is no tight fit, the pants pad will cause more friction to the skin when stepping on.

The high-quality cycling pants cushion pays attention to the three-dimensional design.

The groove of the pants cushion is to adapt to the bending of the body and make the pants cushion more comfortable.

In addition, it will also be thickened appropriately according to the pressure points of various parts when the hips contact the seat cushion.

Pant pad fitting to the crotch (left figure): The pant pad has many obvious grooves, which is better fitting to the crotch.

Long time riding will cause less burden on the skin.

Pant cushion with gaps between the crotch (right figure): The trouser cushion has fewer grooves, and there will be gaps between the crotch position and the seat cushion, which may further rub the skin when riding, causing scratches and skin damage.

Note that not all cycling pants are sure to bring you better comfort.


The sewing method of reserving space for stretching Some riding pants will leave the cloth required for stretching in advance when sewing, so that the rider will not pull the riding pants excessively after wearing them, so that the pants pad will not move.

There is reserved extension space (left picture): the cycling pants adopt the sewing method of reserved extension space (the joint between the cycling pants and the pants pad is slightly curly), which fits the hips very well after wearing.

No reserved extension space (right figure): The riding pants without reserved fabric may pull the fabric too much when wearing, causing the pants to move.


The stereoscopic tailoring riding pants that conform to the riding posture conform to the stereoscopic tailoring design of the riding posture (such as Santini’s strategiccut).

When standing, you can find some wrinkles in the fabric at the hip of the thigh.

However, once in a riding position, the fabric at the thigh position becomes very flat and more comfortable with the body.


The professional brand will adopt special sewing method at the seam joint between the pants pad and the pants to prevent the seams from rubbing against the skin and scratching the skin.

When selecting, you can touch with your finger to detect whether the suture is rough.

Left picture: The suture is trapped in the trouser pad and will not contact the skin, reducing discomfort.

Right: When the suture contacts the skin, the scratch that is easy to happen may become more serious.


The breathable and antibacterial bicycle pants pad made of breathable and antibacterial materials is preferred, which can avoid the breeding of bacteria and the generation of odor, and also reduce the discomfort caused by the stuffy heat during exercise.

There are many air holes on the riding pants pad to keep the skin contact surface breathable and comfortable.


The cycling pants pad with high durability level under support will be made of silica gel, which has better support and durability and is not easy to deform under pressure.

Left picture: With the silicone pants pad, you can feel the support of the diaphragm in the middle by pressing hard, and the support is still available for long distance riding.

Right picture: The foam pants are padded, and you can feel your fingers touching with light pressure.

The support is low and economical, which is suitable for short distance or indoor riding platforms.

The picture shows the silicone material used for Santini’s high grade pants cushion, which has excellent elasticity and provides good support.

The holes on the surface are breathable and have micro massage effect.


The higher the material grade of the pants strap, the less adhesive tape is used for the riding pants strap, instead of the glue picking point or the Lycra material that reduces skin allergy, or the cloth texture strap, which has good elasticity and fixation, so you don’t have to worry about the pants rolling up when you step on them.


Slings, one-piece riding pants or flat mouth riding pants Sling riding pants can greatly reduce the waist restraint, and are more comfortable.

With the support of the sling, riding pants are not easy to move when they are trampled for a long time.

The suspender riding pants are divided into Y type, double ring type and double ring high back.

The advantage of Y type is that the shoulder belt is not easy to open; Double ring high back has better heat dissipation.

At present, more and more people are gradually choosing one-piece cycling clothes.

The advantages of one-piece cycling clothes are better aerodynamics and comfort, but less convenient, and more suitable for racing purposes.

Flat mouth riding pants are regular riding pants, which are easy to wear, but are relatively weak in performance, and have a certain sense of restraint on the waist.

It is more suitable for a wide range of short leisure rides.


The shape of the trouser pad is different between men and women.

Because of the difference in the body structure between men and women, the shape of the trouser pad and the groove design will also be different.

Some brands of men’s models will have a cushion with a bag at the front, and the shape of the cushion at the sitting bone is narrower than that of women’s riding pants.

▲ Left men’s and right women’s cycling pants 10.

Functional fabrics emphasize performance.

The selected fabrics have special functions.

The most common is compression, which can reduce muscle fatigue caused by vibration..