Hiking, cycling, jogging… come to Jiangkou to start a healthy journey~

Chun nuan hua kai — Come to Jiangkou with spring flowers—— In this spring day, we will usher in another century of difficult problems to lose weight.

After a winter of nourishing, our weight will also soar.

The size S pants can no longer accommodate the size L legs.

As the saying goes, the plan of the year is not to lose weight in spring and spring, but the summer is sad.

Today, I will help you sort out the fat reduction strategy in spring.

Come on, open your legs and go to Jiangkou, these beautiful trails to have a fat reduction tour hiking, cycling Jog…

burn your calories and think about it! 01//Tongren – Jiangkou Rural Revitalization Industrial Belt – Tongren – Jiangkou Rural Revitalization Industrial Belt starts at Baguanxi, Bijiang District and ends at Lianghekou, Jiangkou County, with a total length of 43.742 kilometers.

Here you can enjoy the scenery on both sides of the Jinjiang River, When you are tired, you can also stop to take photos or take a rest in the sun or listen to the sound of the water and play a beautiful song – if you are physically strong, you can ride all the way to Tongren and see through the countryside and countryside There is always one place that can attract you – besides riding here, it is also the best place for walking and jogging.

In the afternoon, walking on the glittering trail away from the noise of the city and breathing the freshest air will also make you feel better along the river trail The park and the arbor can feel that “the city is in the scenery, and the people are in the picture” is a good place for leisure and entertainment.

The light green branches on the footpath are rustled by the bursts of wind and the gentle breeze from time to time, coupled with the gentle chirp of birds on the trees.

This is probably the most beautiful harmony of nature—— This can be said to be quiet in the bustle.

Although surrounded by tall buildings in the urban area, it has a unique tranquility.

03//National Wetland Park – the trail in the park is built along the river with dense vegetation on both sides, which is suitable for riding, hiking, and running.

The environment is beautiful, the climate is pleasant, and the air is fresh.

Compared with the urban trail, it is more challenging.

Feel the joy of overcoming yourself.

There are plum, peach, plum flowers along the way when the spring is warm On the trail, you can see the scenery of spring in front of you, and on the ear, you can enjoy the slow time in the afternoon by leisurely pedaling your bicycle in the spring breeze.

This trail has both natural scenery and rural countryside.

It’s not easy to walk through the mountains and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery||—— Come to Jiangkou this spring for a fat reduction trip! Supervised by | Li He, Hu Liangping, reviewed by | Wu Xueping, Long Shengpeng, edited by | Luo Lian.