Have you ever had egg pain during cycling? Get used to it when it hurts?

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As a bicycle travel enthusiast, the author has a deep understanding of the feeling of egg pain, so he wrote this article to share his understanding of egg pain.

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First of all, I would like to strongly despise those men who have never suffered from egg pain and still say that they suffer from egg pain all day long.

In my eyes, the man who has never really felt pain is not enough to talk about life.

Why do eggs hurt when riding? 1.

The cushion is too high, which oppresses the perineum, leading to insufficient blood supply and “egg numbness”! (You are right.

It’s the numbness of eggs.

You will feel that your numbness is gone.

When I find this sign when I ride a bike, I will stop and rub it every time I ride a distance.

Every time I feel numbness of eggs, I will scold “Ma (Ma) Dan” from the bottom of my heart!) 2.

In the process of stepping on the foot, there is friction between the egg and the cushion, and the friction will also bring shock.


The bike is affected by the bumps on the road, and the shock will be transmitted to your eggs.

With the accumulation of the shock, the pain of the eggs gradually appears.


Due to the hot weather and the airtight crotch, the eggs are in a relatively closed and hot environment, and their resistance becomes weak; 5.

Incorrect frame size, incorrect riding posture, and hardware and software errors will all lead to collateral damage to eggs! As a cyclist who never wears cycling pants, I am very responsible to tell you that it is impossible to overcome egg pain and numbness.

You can only rely on “practice”! Have you heard of Iron Crotch? After riding for a long time, your anti pressure ability will naturally become stronger! But that doesn’t mean you won’t hurt any more, just that your pain frequency will decrease.

As long as you keep riding for a long time, there will always be egg pain or numbness for several times.

How painful is the egg when you travel by bike? I remember that on one day in August, we could ride to Hami, the east gate of Xinjiang, with the last 20 kilometers left.

As we all know, the summer in Hami is very hot, so we have to endure the hot and dry weather during the day.

Then, when I ride, I feel some subtle changes have taken place in the eggs, which is an indescribable taste! It is not a special pain.

It is not the simple and brutal pain that we usually feel from trauma, but a more restrained and unspeakable pain, which is obviously more painful! My feeling is a kind of egg sorrow, and it is not labor pains, but a kind of lasting egg pain.

That kind of feeling makes me laugh and cry.

It’s a rare experience in life! I remember that time I could hardly ride a bike, so I had to stand up and pedal a few times with my feet and use inertia to move forward.

If you step on the pedal too much, you will feel a little unbearable.

In the process, I tried to sit back on the cushion, but it hurt as soon as I sat on it.

It seems that when I saw the bicycle cushion, I would have stress and repel it, so I could only ride standing.

The key is to stand up and never use high-frequency trampling.

In the process, you should stop and knead properly, and at the same time, cool your eggs.

After the extremely difficult ride to Hami, I finally can not bear the egg pain when riding, and then I feel that life is suddenly enlightened.

I think this delicate moment has left a heavy mark on my cycling career.

After this battle, my eggs became stronger and stronger.

After that, I rode more than 10000 kilometers in winter and summer vacations, but there were only occasional signs.

In a word, you should rest more when you ride, and rub your eggs more when you rest.

As long as there are a few small symptoms, we should prevent them in time and nip all the symptoms that may cause egg pain in the cradle.

Riding is difficult, painful and numb, and you should cherish it.

Men who love cycling, please remember to be nice to your balls, and women also please be nice to men who like cycling around you! The above story is not fiction, everything comes from life, life experience is the truth, don’t believe you to ride! Finally, I wish all the male compatriots can practice like iron and steel~So the problem comes, have you ever felt pain? How did you solve this problem? Source: saoxia 1992/Author: Yoan uses the power to press the QR code above to get to know more riders —— ——– Display two QR codes at the same time, and you will make a mistake..