Golden Arrow “creates a new concept of riding, and the new product” Kuda “is coming!

New product express! The golden arrow “Kuda” is coming Brand recommendation Warm prompt: set star logo for this official account ⭐, You can see the latest content at the first time.

The method is very simple: enter the home page of the official account of Electric Vehicle First Information, click the “…” symbol in the upper right corner, and click the star at the top! Long click the QR code below and click to follow the previous recommendations of Electric Vehicle Cloud Information: 1.

Urgent! From January next year, the new regulations for electric vehicles in many places will be implemented, and a large number of vehicles will not be allowed on the road! 2.

Trigger a new engine of growth! Yadi is the champion of the World Cup with its championship strength, and the global hot sale is inevitable! 3.

In depth analysis! The next one to break through the 5 million sales volume must be a new day? 4.

Tailing ‖ quality assurance service has been comprehensively upgraded to create industry-leading differentiated service! 5.

Knife ‖ is the only winner in the industry! Make every effort to pave new opportunities for value growth! 6.

The Green Source ‖ has started rapidly with top stream variety show, injecting a boost to the sustainable growth of 2023! 7.

The golden arrow “full speed 100km challenge will bring you another city and create a new record of endurance! 8.

Year end sprint! The victory of Bidwin starts the final battle, and the powerful empowering terminal is hot! 9.

Jianmo ‖ new factory, new weather! Seek new fusion and embark on a new journey of brand! 10.

Say goodbye to winter anxiety, repair easily and efficiently, and choose “Kuaikachi” low temperature self rehydration!..