Give me a break; orz! A freshman from a university in Guigang rides 4300 kilometers for 22 days and reports to Heilongjiang

School is about to begin, and many freshmen are going to register for school.

Many people choose to take cars, trains and planes.

Lin Jinmin, a young man from Guigang, is a bit unusual.

He rides 4000 kilometers for 22 days to report to Qiqihar Medical College in Heilongjiang Province.

Lin Jinmin lives in Pingnan County, Guigang City.

In this year’s college entrance examination, he was admitted to the clinical medicine major of Qiqihar Medical College.

On August 1, Lin Jinmin rode his mountain bike from Pingnan County of Guigang to Qiqihar.

Along the way, he rode more than 4300 kilometers, passing through 9 provinces and two municipalities directly under the Central Government.

Whenever he passed a university along the way, he would put a victory gesture at the school gate and take a photo as a souvenir.

Lin Jinmin said that choosing to go to college by bike is also a way to sharpen his perseverance and courage.

Along the way, he encountered traffic jams, road repair, tire puncture, hunger, thunderstorms and so on, and even thought of giving up.

Thinking of the support of his family, he insisted on it in order to report safety to his family.

He was also touched by all kinds of experiences on the road, especially the warm help from Northeast people.

On the evening of August 22, after 22 days of cycling, Lin Jinmin finally arrived at the school.

For a while, he also became a newsman of the school.

Lin Jinmin said that if time permits, he plans to ride again.

For the young man! Source: Heilongjiang Satellite TV, the chief editor on duty of Modern Life News, Zhao Yongsheng, the director on duty, Tang Haibo, the editor on duty, Huang Xiuning.

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