Flower Sea, Island Round Ride Guangzhou is surrounded by a beautiful river island! One hour!

Recently, life has always been filled with work, so I really want to find a time, a place and a daze to see the scenery The scenery in Guangzhou is also very good, but there are too many people and too much noise.

I still feel that I can’t completely get away from it.

What I want is a place with pastoral beauty in peace, such as this Xianlu Island, a river island located in Lishui, Foshan, is only an hour’s drive from Guangzhou, but it has two different living conditions.

Under the moon in the melon fields, the fishing songs are sung late, which makes people seem to return to the life thirty years ago.

This is the most simple taste of life! Xianlu Island is surrounded by Southwest Chung, Baini Waterway and Liuxi River.

It is one of the few “river islands” in Guangdong Province.

The people on the island are simple and honest.

Because there are two villages, Xianliao Village and Lugang Village, it is named “Xianlu Island”.

Now, this island in the middle of the river has been carved a new way, and is gradually recognized by the world The new Xianlu Island, I wonder if you will like it? On the island, people can enjoy the colorful sea of flowers.

This is a sea of flowers with the theme of water villages, covering an area of about 40 mu.

In the sea of flowers, the winding garden road symbolizes the gurgling water, and the large areas of cosmos and chrysanthemum symbolize the full harvest.

There are also a variety of unknown flowers competing for beauty! In May and October of each year, people can enjoy the endless beauty of the sea of flowers in Xianlu Island.

In addition, in December and early spring, there are cherry blossom kapok and rape fields on the island for sightseeing.

Alas! Why didn’t I know earlier that there is such a good place with birds singing and flowers fragrant all year round around Guangzhou?! There is a 11.46 km green road around the lake on Xianlu Island, which is not long or short; The scenery along the way is very beautiful, whether hiking or cycling.

About 35 friends, you can enjoy the river scenery, flower sea, wetland, ancient villages of Hakka culture and other landscapes along the way while riding.

Wander among them and feel the infinite vitality, leaving all the troubles of life behind.

There are sightseeing bike stations on the island.

There are bicycles for single, double and even four people.

Although they look a little popular, they are more comfortable and convenient.

Chaoyu sings in the morning.

The most beautiful sunrise is the sunrise and sunset on the island.

It is in the middle of the river, and there are no tall buildings around.

On a sunny day, this is the best place to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Chaoyu Zaochang is one of the best places to watch the river scenery and sunrise on Xianlu Island.

Here, you can enjoy the magnificent landscape of streams and rivers, Baini Waterway and the confluence of the Southwest River Delta, as well as the island in the river center impacted by these three rivers.

You can also enjoy the beautiful sunrise every day.

Although there are only two villages in a century old village, you can cross the village road in the middle of the island and return to the bridge where you enter the island.

The villagers are very friendly, and they will be warmly guided when you ask for directions.

It will also be a travel card of Lishui.

Besides, not far from Xianlu Island, there is also Tangnan Ancient Village, which is the largest existing ancient village complex in Lishui.

After more than 800 years of history, the ancient buildings still exist Tang’s Ancestral Hall, Dayou Shushu, Xinxiang Flower Hall, and Ghost House Village, which combines Chinese and Western styles.

It is one of the top ten ancient villages in the South China Sea.

It is also a good place to go out when you have time to experience it.

The most important thing you care about is food and accommodation.

There are many special farmhouse dishes near Xianlu Island, and the price is not high.

There are figs chicken pot, sauna fish, sauna chicken, Fengzhibao ganoderma chicken, mud stewed chicken, and so on.

There are also orchards here for you to pick fruits! Fresh figs are still hard to see in Guangdong.

The day is full of harvest.

Tickets: Free address: Xianlu Island, northeast of Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.

Transportation guide: 1.

Self driving: Guangzhou: Guangzhou Ring Expressway – Guangqing Interchange – Guangqing Expressway – Turn into Chaoyang Interchange – Tianxin Road to the destination (1 hour); 2.

Bus: Take No.

231 Guangfo Express Line (Liuhua Station Xinhe Square) at Liuhua Station Terminal next to Guangzhou Railway Station to Denggang Station, and then transfer to Nanhai 208, Nanhai 238, and Lishui 04 to Foshan “Heshun Station”.

Then transfer to Line 06a, and get off at Nanzhou Station, and you can reach Xianlu Island.

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