Five main hazards of crossing the line and stopping on a bike – don’t be so anxious!!

Please don’t cross the line when you stop at the intersection.

The image of a civilized city is also an important manifestation of the safe distance of several meters in front of the white line.

However, there are still a few cyclists who cross the line to stop.

It’s a “key problem” to rush forward to see if you can’t cross the line.

It’s really boring to cross the line and stop! As a non motor vehicle, flexibility and portability are advantages.

All non motor vehicles waiting at the intersection at a green light can pass, so don’t rush forward.

It’s not cool at all! Don’t compete with the well frog for heaven and earth, and don’t compete with the road for several meters! It is not grand for the city to compete for these meters, and it is too anxious for me.

Please slow down and wait for your soul! 2 It is not safe to stop over the line! The establishment of each traffic law must have a lesson of blood and tears! The following figure is an example.

In the figure, the riding vehicle crosses the safety white line.

There is a blind area when the vehicle turns.

The front of the vehicle cannot hit the cyclist, but the trunk will hit the cyclist.

The consequences are extremely tragic! Why do you have to cross the white line so close to the danger?! 3 “Rushing the yellow light” is easy to cross the line.

Some cyclists will choose “Rushing the yellow light” between the countdown of green light and the buffering of red light! At this time, the battery car of cyclists is very fast, which is very dangerous! Some of them rushed over without interference, while others had to brake for a long distance, even stopped in the middle of the road and got caught in a dilemma! 4 Cross line parking is harmful to others and not beneficial to oneself.

Large trucks are rarely seen on urban roads, so people feel that the danger is not so close.

Then let’s put ourselves aside, parking across the line is a selfish behavior that harms others and does not benefit ourselves: as shown in the picture, this man’s parking across the line is “like walking, not walking”, which makes the motor vehicles who want to turn “nervous”! 4 It’s not nice to stop over the line! Many cars and many people are not afraid, but they are afraid of no order.

It is not only unsafe to cross the white line, but also such intersections look very messy and ugly! The city is our home, and no one wants the house to be “dirty”! Slow down.

Don’t be so anxious.

Anyway, if the red light can’t pass, it’s better to step back and give it a few meters? This article is transferred from Jiangsu Traffic Police.

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