February | 7-12 years old | Cycling series: [Shenzhen Luohu Line 5 One day Cycling Camp] 12km around the reservoir – the most beautiful

Follow the road along the wutong River to the source, fish are playing in the brook beside the greenway, birds occasionally fall on the rocks in the river, and egrets inhabit the sand dunes and shrubs in the water.

Along the way, it is fresh and pleasant, with green vegetation covering the ground and flowers blooming endlessly…

all the way, all the way, all the way, all the way, all the way, all the way, all the way.

Yes, this is the most beautiful classic Luohu Line 5 greenway in the city! The total length is 13.2 kilometers.

Wutong River flows into Shenzhen Reservoir in Dawang Village, and rides along the most beautiful and comfortable route with my friends around the reservoir.

They play the game of riding expansion to let children release their nature, cultivate their brave and confident character, enjoy riding and enjoy life.

▶ 1:4 High proportion of teachers: ensure the safety of riding and give children more professional and comprehensive riding training.

▶ 12Km professional test route: develop new routes in Shenzhen, and the comfort level is exploding; ▶ Interesting cycling orienteering: an interesting outdoor treasure hunting game that can double the joy of riding in the economy; ▶ Greenway&reservoir beautiful scenery: a rare wild and interesting route in the city, with beautiful scenery along the way.

The one-day cycling camp of Luohu Line 5 harvest the “golden knight” route, which is aimed at children who can master riding skills and love riding.

Course time of camp materials: February 18 (Saturday), March 11 (Saturday) Course location: Greenway of Luohu Line 5 Course object: children aged 7-12 years old (above 1.2 meters in height, who can ride a bicycle skillfully, and who have completed the basic class of cycling or a day of riding in Guangming) Course number: 15-22 persons/period (1:4 teacher ratio) (15 persons in groups) Course fee: 499/person (purchase of recharge card for more discounts) The fee includes: course research and development and organization, teacher guidance fee, course materials, event insurance, vehicle equipment transportation, lunch (self-heating rice, children can bring some dry food to supplement), photography and photography travel mode: the bus will go to the refund instructions: 1.

If for your personal reasons, the full refund will be cancelled 3 days before the event; 50% refund will be cancelled within 2 days before the event; Cancellation within 1 day before the event will not be refunded.

The discount code purchase class cannot be cancelled, but the quota can be transferred by itself.


In case of heavy rain before the event, the event will be postponed or cancelled, subject to the actual notice.


If the activity does not reach the minimum group size, it will be cancelled.

Children have the final right to explain the activity on weekends.

Notice to purchase: The ownership and use right of the photos taken in the event belong to children’s weekends.

Children’s weekends can be used in various publicity.

Participation in the event is deemed to be the default rule.

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