[Exploration] Where is the beauty of hiking? Dishui Lake is a good place →

The Administrative Committee of Lingang New Area said that friends who like to ride on foot can come to Dishui Lake for a walk.

The 8-kilometer long cycling around the lake is not to be missed, where the view is wide and the road surface is excellent.

Not only that, the landscape bridge around Dishui Lake, Tangxia Road, metasequoia forest Both are good places for hiking.

When you are free, please go to the clock bar ↓ Dishui Lake, which is located in the new area of Lingang, and take Metro Line 16 to get there.

Here, walk along the edge of Dishui Lake, you can look at the broad lake, kiss the fresh lake wind, and feel the waves lapping the shore# 01 The total length of cycling around the lake is eight kilometers.

The total length of cycling around the lake is eight kilometers.

Friends who like to ride can’t miss the eight kilometers of cycling around the lake.

With wide vision and excellent road surface, it is the best choice for cycling# 02 Lake Rim Landscape Bridge The Lake Rim Landscape Bridge is also a good place to clock in.

Bicycles cross the “Seven Bridges and Seven Sceneries”, as if crossing rainbows# 03 Tangxia Highway is known as the “most popular highway in the United States”, and it is also a must for cycling! Tangxia Road has different scenery throughout the year.

At the junction of spring and summer, metasequoia trees are yellow and wild flowers are everywhere on both sides.

In summer and autumn, the metasequoia trees show the sense of autumn even earlier.

The north wind blows, and thick golden metasequoia leaves are spread on the ground…

Walking through the layers of metasequoia trees, the scenery along the way is beautiful to suffocate, which can be said to be the scenery along the way! Data: Editor of Lingang New Area Management Committee: Liu Minyue..