Eight essential equipment for new riders after they enter the ride

Before cycling, it’s not only fun to buy your bike kit, it’s your comfortable and safe investment, and it’s also an important factor to maintain a strong driving force! Here is a set of equipment for short outing and riding.

These things can not only make you look professional and fashionable, but also make you ride more comfortable and safe.


A bike is suitable for your height.

First of all, you need an outing car that is suitable for your height.

It is recommended that junior players go to the car store to buy the whole car.

It is convenient to repair the whole car with the warranty.


Helmets are indispensable to fit their own helmets.

They are important equipment to ensure safety.

Try to wear 3 to 4 helmets when choosing, and you will find a very good helmet.

Generally speaking, the higher the price, the lighter the helmet, the better the ventilation, and can be adjusted according to the head type.

High-end helmets designed according to aerodynamics also look more professional than low-priced helmets.

The helmet should be the right size and should be worn on the top of the head, not too tight and leave indentation.

The front of the helmet should be 2-3 cm from your eyebrow, and it will not move when you turn your head or look up and down.


Discard cotton T-shirts: Some people think that cotton T-shirts are very suitable.

In fact, cotton T-shirts are easy to stick to the body after absorbing sweat, and it will be very cold if cooled.

So you should choose a cycling shirt with sweat-absorbing and breathable materials.

It will not stick to the skin when sweating, so you won’t feel like wearing a big wet sock on your body.


Gloves should also be breathable and sweat-wicking.

According to different finger lengths and different seasons, there are different types of gloves, from light gloves in summer to heavy warm gloves in winter.

Some people like to wear light all-finger gloves in summer to prevent sun and slip, and also avoid sticking chain oil.

In the colder season, a pair of basic padded gloves and a waterproof and breathable shell will help to resist the strong wind.

Gloves should be just right and should not be tied or tightened.

Full finger gloves should not grow longer than your fingers.

The fingers should be able to stretch and bend freely when wearing gloves.


Although it will cost twice as much to buy special car socks to discard cotton socks, a pair of basic sports non-cotton socks can effectively sweat and help to keep feet comfortable and healthy.

In addition to the texture materials, the seams of special car socks are very flat.

Whether the new high-tech synthetic socks or the old version of wool blended socks, they can keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

The socks you buy must fit.

Socks that are too loose will gather in the shoes and make you feel uncomfortable, and will also cause blisters.


Bike pants should fit even for short outings.

A professional riding pants is also needed, which can help you avoid the pain of skin and meat.

All bicycle pants contain suede.

Originally made of real animal soft skin, most of them are high-tech corduroy and artificial materials.

The original purpose of using suede is not to leave some seams, so as not to cause discomfort to sensitive parts of the human body.


Riding bag Riding bag has a backpack system specially designed for riding posture, which has a ventilated back and will not cause shoulder pain due to excessive stress.


Riding glasses During riding, if there are insects or foreign objects flying into the eyes, it may cause danger.

If you use ordinary glasses, it may affect your vision because of the bumps on the road.

Professional riding glasses can prevent strong light.

Colorless glasses are suitable for cloudy days, and another kind of light yellow glasses is suitable for night.

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