Eight benefits of cycling make us young!

❑ Getting Smart Charles Hillman Research shows that exercise can improve intelligence and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


Phil Tomporowski found that riding can have a positive impact on children and control attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

❑ Recovery.

Recent studies have found that some elderly patients with knee pain and osteoarthritis have improved after they started riding.

Facts have proved that with the growth of age, moderate exercise, even if only for a short time every day, will be very beneficial.

➔ Improving heart function cycling is also good for the heart, not only because you love cycling.

Sports&Exercise’s research on medicine and science and technology has spent five years observing the exercise of more than 1500 subjects, and found that people who exercise more at ordinary times are 31% less likely to suffer from hypertension than those who exercise less.

❑ The more sexy good news is that you are not the only one who thinks elastic fiber clothes are sexy.

A study of 600 people by the British Heart Foundation found that riders are 13% more intelligent than ordinary people and are more calm than ordinary people.

More than 23% of people are willing to use riders as dating objects.

❑ The biggest advantage of regular cycling is to lose weight, which is a commonplace.

The media always say that the fastest way to lose weight is to control diet, but scientific findings are not.

Recent research shows that the elderly female patients with diabetes can only reduce internal fat by controlling diet and taking exercise.

This method is the same for young women.

⑸ Prevent cancer Keep healthy weight, exercise regularly and eat regularly, which will reduce the risk of cancer.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association observed more than 14000 men and found that people who kept fit in middle age were less likely to suffer from lung cancer and colorectal cancer than others.

❑ Improving self perception exercise, especially cycling, will improve self-esteem.

A selfie or a difficult ride during the ride will release a lot of feel good hormones from your body, making you feel like you have the world.

⑸ Longevity Research on French Tour riders shows that cycling really prolongs life.

Another study shows that amateur cycling is also very beneficial.

For those who change their travel mode from driving to cycling, their life span is 3-14 months longer than that of other people…