E + Cycling helps people enjoy a beautiful cycling life, and riding eight thousand miles of cloud and moon bikes has been popular since its

E + Cycling helps people enjoy a beautiful cycling life, and riding eight thousand miles of cloud and moon bikes has been popular since its birth.

The green and environment-friendly cycling life makes people relax physically and mentally.

Compared with other means of transportation, bicycle has obvious advantages, such as no noise pollution, no carbon dioxide and other gas pollution, and low occupancy of road resources.

These advantages make bicycle durable.

With the birth of many new means of transportation such as automobiles, bicycles still show tenacious vitality in the face of these survival pressures.

The reason is that bicycles have unique advantages.

On the one hand, they will not cause traffic congestion, on the other hand, their use cost is far lower than that of fuel vehicles, and on the other hand, they can also be used for leisure and fitness, especially in short-distance movement, which has irreplaceable advantages.

As the leading brand of bicycle, Jaiant continues to promote the construction and popularization of bicycle culture, and recommends to the public to ride into the urban greenway in leisure time, enjoy the green lawn, wild flowers, small bridges, streams, lakes, and the combination of quiet and dynamic ecology, idyllic scenery, birds and flowers, and relax and enjoy in the center of lingering…

In recent years, Jaiant e+Cycling vehicles have been intensively listed, The trend of riding e+Cycling electric mopeds is booming all over the country, and more and more people are joining the ranks of riding e+Cycling.

Since then, riding is no longer limited to age, gender and physical strength.

You can feel the most intelligent awesome of e+Cycling just by stepping on it, conquer the impossible easily, and experience a new, farther, higher and easier riding life.

Giante has held e+Cycling cycling activities with the theme of “Eight Thousand Miles of Cloud and Month” across the country, so that more riders can experience the ease of e+Cycling.

The same treading force can be used to ride farther and higher places, save energy during the riding process, enjoy the beauty along the way, and enjoy the leisure, entertainment and healthy riding life.

The characteristics of riding e+Cycling are easy to enjoy the pleasure of traveling with relatives and friends.

It is applicable to a wide range of people and easy to use.

Enjoy the joy of family and leisure and fitness in the fresh nature.

It can help relatives and friends who are overweight or elderly to maintain their exercise habits, which is not only beneficial to improve their body shape, but also helpful to blood pressure, fat metabolism and mental health.

Cycling e+Cycling is not a lazy move that some people mistakenly believe.

When riding an intelligent power-assisted bicycle, people also need to step on it.

In addition, the electric auxiliary force output is a hybrid power of human power and electricity, which can reduce the intensity of human stepping and present a relaxed feeling of stepping.

E+Cycling is a bicycle that can increase the energy of cyclists, gain greater vision with the same amount of exercise, and extend your footprint to higher and farther places…

Giante appeals to the general public to ride e+Cycling more in daily life, to avoid backache caused by sitting and not exercising, to strengthen cardiorespiratory function with appropriate exercise intensity, and to promote blood circulation in the body, Increase the intake of glucose by muscle cells to obtain energy to accelerate metabolism in the body, maintain good cycling habits, and often ride e+Cycling to outdoor leisure, entertainment, health and recreation, which is beneficial to physical and mental health.