Don’t stop me, I want to ride to Mars!

With the arrival of the “Internet plus” era, the market people’s vision has gradually focused on cross industry cooperation and cross-border marketing, so as to touch the nerves of the new generation of consumers and get favor.

Cross border marketing is not a matter of “whim”.

As for the brand, from the beginning of the idea to the landing of the joint brand, it contains their own reflection and consideration.

In short, cross-border marketing is an indispensable tool to convey brand concept, show product strength and expand communication volume.

Recently, the cross-border cooperation between Yadi and Red Bull Annaiji has attracted wide attention.

As a leader in the electric vehicle industry, Yadi is the first listed enterprise in the industry, exported to 88 countries and regions around the world, and has been the world’s top seller for four consecutive years.

Yadi is committed to creating a new generation of green technology travel lifestyle.

Red Bull Annaiji, with the words “Cheer up, Red Bull will support you”, is popular in the streets and has become one of the world’s first and well-known energy drinks.

Two seemingly unrelated brands and two “energy” giants in their respective industries actually have the same concept, that is, through product innovation and optimization, to meet consumers’ needs for life scenes where energy is always online.

It is not difficult to see that the purpose of this cross-border cooperation is to enable consumers to gain a deeper perception of the “Mange Energy” of Yadi and Red Bull Annaiji, so that consumers can enjoy a more exciting and dynamic life under the condition of “full energy, more power”.

The combination of two industry giants to explore “energy breakthrough” is both exploration and breakthrough; It is a renewal of cognition and brand.

On August 18, the joint video of Yadi and Red Bull Annaiji attracted heated discussion throughout the network once it was released.

In the video, with the pop of the can ring, the giant Red Bull Annaiji tin cans in the center of the city continuously radiate energy around.

Energetic white-collar workers, charged teenagers, power pioneers, and wandering detectives, the Quartet Energy Knights started the energy pursuit war, and rode the Yadi Guanneng 2.0 series through the city to a new starting point in the future.

As said in the video, “Since they all have the energy to burst the tent, they should go to light up a larger world”.

Yadi and Red Bull Annaiji have a deep insight into consumer life, awaken consumers’ love and passion for life through the life scenes of typical energy knights, and encourage them to explore life and pursue dreams with strong energy.

Yadi and Red Bull Annaiji will, as always, continue to provide energy for public life.

Yadi and Red Bull Anneji jointly released the video to refresh consumers’ understanding of the brand and product’s “energy sense”, and the brand is therefore reborn.

This is just the first step to explore “energy breakthrough”.

In order to let consumers more truly and directly experience the “energy breakthrough” experience brought about by product upgrading, Yadi and Red Bull Anneji launched the “Mars Energy Plan”.

From August 28 to 29, Song Jian, the Guinness World Record holder and the chief riding officer of Yadi, and nine riders formed a riding team to ride the Yadi Guanneng 2.0 series of “one charge, one more run”, through the vast mountains and valleys, and to the Mars Camp of Qinghai Cold Lake, the closest place to the Martian landform in the world.

In the process of [riding to Mars], the knights can not only enjoy the beautiful Yadan style along the way, but also camp at night and look up at the vast Milky Way.

The most important thing is that Yadi Guanneng 2.0 series has super power, endurance and other hard core performance, which enables the knights to gain a more profound experience in the harsh environment of the Gobi and desert.

At present, Yadi has issued a “Knight Recruitment Order” on the whole website.

If you love challenges and adventures and want to experience the extreme riding experience of riding to Mars, you can follow the “Yadi Owner Platform” WeChat official account or scan the QR code below to register and start the journey to Mars with Yadi Canon 2.0 Series! The strong appearance of Yadi Guanneng 2.0 series, as the most eye-catching “natural C-bit” in this co branding activity, can be described as the unique Yadi Guanneng 2.0 series.

It will take “super endurance and surging power” as the core performance point to protect the knights all the way.

It is reported that Yadi Guanneng 2.0 series is equipped with a newly upgraded TTFAR 8-level extended range system, and the performance of eight major components is improved.

Compared with electric vehicles equipped with ordinary batteries of the same specification, the range is twice as long, which truly realizes “one charge, one more run”.

Among them, the TTFAR graphene 3rd generation battery, which uses a new graphene material formula, has an ultra-low attenuation rate, and is equipped with a dedicated TTFAR fast charging charger.

It can be fully charged in up to 3 hours.

TTFAR energy recovery controller can convert kinetic energy generated during downhill sliding into electric energy, realize charging while riding, and ensure smooth power output along the way.

On the way to “Mars”, there is no need to worry about the power display.

The TTFAR electric energy monitoring instrument carried by Yadi Guanneng 2.0 series can accurately display the power recovery data and residual power and other information, and everything can be seen through the instrument.

The damping performance of Yadi Guanneng 2.0 series is also impeccable.

With hydraulic damping configuration, the maximum damping performance can adapt to a variety of road conditions, which will be perfectly demonstrated in the process of crossing the Gobi.

It can be seen that the strong product force is the key reason why Yadi Guanneng 2.0 series is deeply loved by consumers and has achieved terminal hot sales.

It is believed that with the help of the hard core performance, the knights can walk along the “Martian surface”, enjoy the pleasure of energy and explore the unknown in the novel experience.

“Exploration never stops, and energy never stops”.

The seemingly unrelated Yadi and Red Bull Anneji can have such amazing in-depth cooperation.

The exploration and practice of “energy breakthrough” has demonstrated the mutual benefit and win-win of the two brands, and also made us more aware of the unstoppable strength of Yadi, the leading brand in the industry..