Do you know some necessary equipment before riding?

Ask yourself, when was the last time you checked your cycling bag? If you can’t remember the time, please clean up your cycling bag and prepare the necessary items for cycling again.

Because you may have accumulated some unnecessary things or the basic supplies related to cycling have been used up.

Then, let’s take a simple example: how can we quickly and effectively organize our backpacks to ensure that everything is complete and there is no unnecessary burden for a plan with predictable weather, familiar cycling routes and a two-hour cycling duration.

To replenish energy, first of all, it is of course the food to replenish energy.

Indeed, in general, without it, you would not be too hungry to live, but without it, when your stomach feels empty, it is too late.

So it’s better to keep two energy bars in your bag.

Generally speaking, you need to add one every hour of cycling.

Of course, if you are a foodie, you can bring two more with you.

Ha ha ha.

You can put the energy stick in the top compartment bag of the cycling bag.

When you want to eat, you can just pull the back of your hand over and open it.

In this way, you don’t have to stop deliberately.

It’s inconvenient to turn the bag from the back to get the energy stick.

Water is the most important.

For a two-hour ride, you need at least four kilograms of water.

It is recommended to pay attention to the official account of the cycling village: when riding the qixingc toolkit, if the shoe locking splint is too loose, the kettle holder is old and makes a squeaking noise, or the front and back shift of the deformed gear change is very annoying.

Therefore, it is better to carry a multi-functional tool kit with you: a hexagon wrench (up to 8mm at most, which is used for fixing the crank bolt), Philips and flat head screwdriver (used for adjusting the front and rear shift of bending deformation), a chain tool (compatible with 8-9 speeds) and a spoke wrench.

However, make sure you know how to use each tool.

For example, if you can’t use a chain tool, it’s useless to hold it.

It is better to put the tool kit and the energy stick in the same bag, because it is easy to take out.

Of course, you can also bring some other common gadgets: plastic and rubber rope (a small string used to bind or fix things) and tape.

Check your spare tire before riding.

Because if it is the kind of tire that has been stacked for several months and has not been used, it may crack or the air valve handle may break.

You will also need two tire skids and a mini inflator.

Security items, such as ID cards, a small amount of cash, keys, mobile phones (no arrearage if the battery is full) and other common items.

So, to sum up, before riding, you must carefully count and sort out your riding bags from the above aspects.

If you don’t have such a habit, you can form it from today.

You can also let your riding friends help you to supervise, ha ha.

After all, it’s hard for one person to form habits, but it’s easy for a group of people to form habits.

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