DAY15~2023 Biking on Yunnan-Myanmar Highway 4

Today, I cycled 46 kilometers from Shaqiao to Pupeng Town.

(The original plan was to ride to Xiangyun 99 kilometers) Last night, there was a railway behind the hotel.

Every ten minutes, there was a train rumbling through, and the houses were moving.

But when we woke up, the alarm clock sounded at 7.00 in the morning, and the curtain was dark outside.

It was only slightly bright at 8.00.

The sky was very dark, and the road was wet, as if it was raining.

It was too dark to take some pictures near the big reservoir.

The friend who helped me with my luggage is leaving Xishuangbanna.

I want to leave my luggage in Banna, but several hotels online are not good.

Later, the omnipotent rider helped solve the problem.

There is a elder sister in Yunnan, Adao, who tells me what to pay attention to every day.

There are many riders who care about us.

These days, I have more WeChat.

I can’t reply in time on the way.

Please forgive me and try to reply to you in the evening.

In fact, I checked the route last night and saw the winding route map like a pig’s large intestine.

I felt a little beat in my heart, so I rode to see it first.

Going out is a very fast and short downhill.

The rain suddenly became heavy.

I stopped to find that it was wrong.

How could the raindrops be yellow.

Xixi Zhile said, “Mom, the big mud dot in the middle of your forehead looks like a bodhisattva, and the mud dot on the corner of your mouth looks like a renter…

I think she is also full of pockmarks.”.

The fender of the car was deformed and I removed it.

It flew everywhere.

In fact, it’s not rain or fog, just look at the lens.

It’s easy to go out and go downhill.

Xixi said that he could reach Xiangyun (99 kilometers), and began to climb after 1.5 kilometers.

The sign showed that he was 11 kilometers uphill, and he kept pushing the car all the way up.

Occasionally, there was a 20 meters downhill, and he could get down with just two feet, but he had hope in his heart, and it was easy after 11 kilometers.

If you go to Yunnan Post (79 kilometers) after five kilometers to the west or to the west, I say it will do.

The wild persimmons on the roadside are too attractive.

We first skimmed one with bricks and lost it (the rusty head made us think we could pick it up).

We couldn’t pull the tree to pick one, and nearly fell into the ditch.

The ripe persimmon is ice and sweet! It is totally different from the ones we bought.

Because the persimmons are soft and can’t be transported, we can hardly eat the ripe ones.

There are many persimmon trees in my hometown in Shaanxi Province.

In autumn, they will be hung in the house with branches folded, and then eaten when they become soft naturally.

However, persimmons often fall on the ground when people are not paying attention, and there are few in the mouth.

The picture of yellow raincoat was taken on Xiangkezong Road by Yajiang when riding 318 in the summer vacation.

At 318, Xixi was not as tall as me.

Now, riding 320 is taller than my mother.

This melon is called “golden thread”.

When opened, the pulp inside looks like yellow thread, which is usually used to feed pigs.

The little red fruits in the picture don’t know what they are.

There are many on the roadside.

The fog is getting thicker and thicker, and no one can see it for a hundred meters.

The three pictures are taken from a distance of 30 meters.

The nearby mountains are gone, just like a fairyland.

If it weren’t for the sound of cars coming from the nearby highway, it would be like crossing.

The villagers nearby told us that there was a huge “rock” in front of us, which was not natural at a close look.

There was the handwriting “the first high wall of China’s highway”.

The villagers nearby told us that it was built when the highway was built.

At that time, the technology was not mature, and we could only do this.

Looking from a distance, it was very magnificent, and the effect could not be taken by mobile phones.

Ask the villagers if they are going to the top of the slope.

The villagers say they have not even half of it! God, keep working! There are villages along the way.

The barking of dogs is harsh and hard to hear, and many people run around without ropes.

These villagers are not afraid of the traffic hitting the dogs.

There are several big dogs that are very fierce and scared to the west.

I picked up a stick to make a smoke, and immediately scared away.

Very useful riders can learn.

Sometimes I am exhausted and can’t walk up the slope, and the dog is still “barking”.

I yell at the dog angrily, which is much more honest, and then my voice is hoarse at night.

The fog slowly dissipated in the afternoon.

In fact, it was not too hot or too hot to ride the bike.

It was just right to wear the northeast down jacket, but it could not stop.

It would be cold if you stopped.

There are still ten kilometers of uphill nonsense.

After ten kilometers, we saw a downhill, turned around and shouted “downhill! Big downhill!”, turned over and got on the car, “Pa Pa” engaged, clattered, clattered, and laughed until the end of the slope…

not even 500 meters! And the slope is always turning.

You can’t see ahead.

After five or six such surprises, both of us are numb.

We love Poe rather than Poe.

It is said that the difficulty is the same as that of Erlang Mountain, but no Erlang Mountain is sincere! It does not torture your body, but can destroy your will.

318 Although the mountain is high, it gives you hope.

When you pass the pass, you will go downhill.

This road is simply “slow” your will.

A knife slowly cuts you until you are numb.

Alas, I would rather go up many mountains than ride this road.

After 20 kilometers, there is an eight-kilometer slope.

It is very steep.

Pay attention to the speed.

The scenery is very good, but I don’t want to see it.

I’m full of gas.

I went to Pupeng Town by the roadside for a temporary accommodation before dark.

I ate Yi beef soup in the evening, half of which was peppermint leaves.

My mouth was tasteless, and I had leftovers for the first time.

Today’s expenses: accommodation 60+fruit 99159 yuan.