danger Pay attention to these things when riding in winter!

Recommendations for 2022 winter activities: 1.

Xishuangbanna Cycling – Experience the charm of southern Yunnan in depth.

2、 Riding in Hainan – paddles, camping, sailing experience 3.

Pilgrimage to Meili, hiking in the rain avalanche – the most spectacular snow mountain ride in winter is a challenge, but also full of fun.

But because of the bad and changeable weather, the risks will increase, bringing many unexpected road hazards.

When riding in winter, you must pay attention to these dangers! 1、 Dark ice In winter, sometimes there is a thin layer of ice on the shady side of the road, which is extremely dangerous.

It is transparent, so it is difficult to see compared with snow or thicker ice.

This phenomenon occurs when the temperature drops to about zero and the moisture freezes on the road.

There is no need for water or rain or snow.

When the wheel is pressed, it is very easy to slip and the risk of subsequent accidents is high.

When the temperature is below zero, you may pay attention to whether there is ice on the road, or it is relatively safe to be above zero.

However, if the temperature hovers around zero, it is easy to relax your vigilance.

Especially when entering a curve, you must slow down and never brake in the curve.

Especially the front wheel skidding is extremely dangerous, because it is easy to make you fall down without any warning.

2、 You should remember the accident of Jingtai Marathon in Gansu Province before the temperature loss.

The temperature difference between the morning and noon in winter is very large, and the sky gets dark earlier.

Even if the weather is good and the sun is bright, it feels very cold at 3 or 4 p.m.

Under certain circumstances, the temperature is above zero, 10 ℃ or even higher.

It is not impossible to freeze a person to death! When traveling in cold weather, take appropriate wind protection measures to avoid exposure to the cold wind.

Warm hats, gloves, necklaces, windbreakers, thick socks, wind masks, and even goggles are all necessary items for traveling in windy and cold weather.

If there are too many body organs exposed, the greater the wind speed, the faster the body heat will dissipate.

Don’t let your body overdraw, prevent dehydration, and avoid excessive sweating and fatigue.

Food and hot water are also very useful ways to prevent temperature loss.

3、 When cycling with one hand in winter, due to the cold weather, some people will use one hand to operate the handlebars, and the other hand will be snapped into the pocket, so as to keep the other hand warm, or some people will cover their ears with their hands to heat up on the way.

These are very dangerous operations.

When riding in winter, you should choose gloves with appropriate temperature.

Generally, you can buy appropriate riding gloves when the temperature is about – 10 ° C.

If the temperature reaches below – 10 ° C, ordinary riding gloves are difficult to meet the requirements of long riding.

You can only reduce the speed or stop to heat your hands after riding for a period of time.

In addition, it is a good way to use ski gloves to warm your baby.

4、 If it has snowed recently and you want to go to the snow field, you’d better choose a wider tire.

Try to choose a mountain tire with multiple teeth.

The tire should not be too inflated.

Low pressure can give you more power.

When riding on soft snow and ice, try to keep treading.

When turning, do not turn too much.

When riding in a straight line, adjust it slightly.

In addition, the seat should not be too high.

Riding in the snow is more fun than speed and distance.

Go home and have a rest when you have a good time.

5、 It is still dark on the road.

Because the days are short and the nights are long in winter, it will be dark at four or five o’clock in many places in winter.

This makes cycling more dangerous.

So when you go out in winter, remember to plan the route and time.

If you need to return at 2:00 in summer, you must return at least 12:00 in winter.

Remember to ensure that the lights are fully charged.

It is strongly recommended that you wear a bright color dress and reflective tape on your arms and legs to increase visibility after dark.

There is no problem cycling in winter.

Of course, the impact of temperature and weather conditions in cold winter varies from person to person, and riders should also act according to their abilities.

After all, health and safety are the top priority.

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