Damei Port | Hiking, cycling, sailing, kayaking… N ways to unlock sports here

SPORTS Lingang Sports The Tokyo Olympic Games have come to an end, and the Paralympic Games are in fierce progress! Are you still immersed in the intense and exciting charm of competitive sports? Are you eager to try? The second anniversary of the establishment of the new Lingang District, the heat of the Dishui Lake is getting higher and higher.

In this place near Haichao, there are many sports you can participate in.

Let’s have a look! You can take Metro Line 16 to Dishui Lake, which is located in the new area of Lingang, by hiking and cycling.

Here, take a walk along the edge of Dishui Lake.

You can take a look at the broad lake, kiss the fresh lake wind, feel the waves of the lake, the green trees and the islands, and feel happy, relaxing and healthy! And friends who like riding can’t miss the eight kilometer long cycling around the lake.

The view here is wide and the road is excellent! It’s the best choice for cycling! You can feel free like the wind when you ride a bike and watch the wind blowing over the water.

The scenic bridge around the lake is also a good place to ride and clock in.

Walking through the “seven bridges and seven sceneries” by bicycle, it seems like crossing rainbows.

Tangxia Road, which is known as the “most beautiful net red road”, is also a must for cyclists! Tangxia Road has different scenery throughout the year.

At the junction of spring and summer, metasequoia trees are yellow and wild flowers are everywhere on both sides.

In summer and autumn, the metasequoia trees show the sense of autumn even earlier.

The north wind blows, and thick golden metasequoia leaves are spread on the ground…

Walking through the layers of metasequoia trees, the scenery is so beautiful that it can be said that the scenery along the way is breathtaking! While the sun is shining, you might as well go hiking around Dishui Lake and ride around the lake to breathe fresh air and enjoy life! At the Olympic Sailing Games, Zhang Dongshuang, a girl from Pudong, took part in the women’s single boat laser redier class competition.

Isn’t she very brave and brave when she looks at her galloping in the waves! Xiao Bu learned that the port has built a water paradise for sports loving friends.

The Haishang Sailor Club is located near the port, with a 1km coastal road and 11000m2 open-air wharf.

It has a professional coaching team.

In addition, it also provides services such as boat experience, youth summer camp, team development, and sailing license training.

When the sky is clear and the water is clear, the sails are blown against the wind and the white waves are blowing.

The bottom of the boat is rowing across the lake and the waves are blooming.

It’s time to sail! The autumn wind of canoeing is gradually rising and the waves are sparkling, which is a good time to carry out water sports! There is a kayak experience project in the Spring and Autumn Park, which is located near the port.

You can move on the limpid and microwave Chunlian River.

It is better to be dynamic and quiet! Horse Riding Shanghai Bindao (International) Equestrian Club is located in Shanghai Binhai Forest Park for equestrian training, parent-child forest riding…

From beginner to professional riding, you can experience it here! Golf is played in Shanghai Binhai Golf Club.

From time to time, there are a group of special spectators around, such as egrets, grey herons, wild ducks…

and the fish swimming on the lake! In addition to personal experience in Lingang, you can also watch the prestigious Tour de France, which has a long history and is also a world-famous international sports event.

In May this year, the 2021 Tour de France China Series kicked off in Lingang.

The Spartan Warrior Race The Spartan Warrior Race, originated in 2005, is an outdoor obstacle race brand based on the content of the ancient Spartan military tradition.

In May this year, the competition was held in the Spring and Autumn Park.

Different from other competitions in the past, thanks to the rich water resources in the Dishui Lake Scenic Area, four water themed obstacles became a major feature.

Since the first Dishui Lake Railway Endurance Sports Carnival was held in 2016, the Dishui Lake Railway 113 Triathlon and Swimming Challenge has been attracting the attention of sports fans with diversified competition systems and innovative competition forms.

Come here to feel the speed and passion! Text/Editor: Zhang Ziwei*.