Cyclists should be alert to these “bicycle diseases”

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Cycling is a kind of whole-body exercise, involving spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, foot and other joints, as well as more than 100 muscles.

If you often ride on crowded roads or rough paths, you need to adjust your direction and speed from time to time.

It not only exercises your muscles, but also exercises your reaction ability, and becomes more agile unconsciously.

Although there are many benefits of cycling, it can also cause diseases if you don’t pay attention to it.

Perineal part ● Cause: male prostate congestion: many men who ride bicycles will feel pudendal distension, anal distension, defecation, penis numbness, or urination, frequent urination, testicular discomfort, etc.

The reason is that the wrong riding posture causes the pudenda to be squeezed, resulting in prostate congestion and swelling.

However, the traditional bicycle seat, especially the narrow rear seat and the sharp front seat, can make men fall into a dilemma.

Female pudendal hyperemia and swelling: Some women who ride bicycles to and from work for a long time, if the seat is too high, too hard or the handlebar is not comfortable, their body weight will be too much concentrated on the seat, and the front end of the narrow seat will react on the perineum, oppress the upper segment of the urethra and the external sphincter, causing hyperemia of the urinary system, causing dysuria or frequent urination, urgency, or causing inflammation such as pudendal hyperemia and swelling.

● Countermeasures: 1.

When selecting the right vehicle and bicycle, you must choose the right bicycle according to your height, weight, and even body proportion.

You can also adjust the bicycle according to your own situation.

In short, bicycles should serve you and be an active part of your healthy and fashionable life.


Select and adjust the seat.

If the seat is too high and the cyclist is relatively short, this will not only cause discomfort and uncoordinated movements when riding the bike, but also cause constant friction between the perineum and the seat because the cyclist can only swing up and down, left and right.

Especially if the front of the seat is high and the rider’s center of gravity is behind, or the road is rough and the car is seriously limping when driving, it is more likely to stimulate the perineum, causing prostate congestion, swelling and injury.

Therefore, pay attention to the selection and adjustment of seats.

◆ The comfortable seat position should be horizontal or slightly downward.

If the seat is tilted upward, even the best seat will compress the hip artery.

◆ It is better to choose the wider seats.

The seat area is large, and the pelvis that bears the force will not affect other parts.

◆ If the seat is too hard, a soft seat cover made of foam plastic can be used on the seat to reduce the friction between the seat and the genitals.

◆ Adjust the height and angle of the car seat.

If the seat is too high, the hips must move from side to side when riding, which is easy to cause perineum abrasion; The front of the car seat is warped, which is more likely to damage the perineum.


When stepping on the pedals, try to ensure that the knees do not extend completely, because that will move the center of gravity to the crotch, causing physical injury.


When riding a bicycle, you should always lift your body to promote blood flow.


When riding for a long time, pay attention to changing the riding posture, so that the center of gravity of the body moves to prevent the perineum from exerting force for a long time.


Stand for 10 minutes every day.

This is a daily homework for mountain cyclists.

This is also very important for those who ride bicycles on flat ground.

Keep away from bicycles properly and stand and walk for a while every day, which is good for your health.


People with pudendal swelling or prostate inflammation can take proper physical exercise and take a sitz bath with warm water at about 40 ℃ for 20 minutes every day.

Women should not ride male bikes in case of inconvenience.


When riding a bike, if you find any discomfort in the perineum, you should find out the cause in time.

If there is a problem in the seat, you should eliminate or improve it in time, and pay attention to rest.

After the symptoms are eliminated, you can ride a bike; If the symptoms cannot be eliminated, go to the hospital and ask a doctor for examination and treatment.

Hand disease ● Cause: Many people feel numb and sore in their hands after cycling for a long time.

Even writing with a pen and eating with chopsticks will be affected.

Doctors call this condition “carpal ulnar tube syndrome”.

There is a carpal ulnar tube at the ulnar side of the intersection of the wrist joint and the palm of the hand, which is composed of pea bones and fibers the size of peas.

The ulnar nerve passes through this tube and distributes to the ulnar side of the hand.

It is mainly caused by the reduction of blood circulation of the upper limb due to the long time compression and minimal movement of the upper limb during riding.

If you grip the handlebar with both hands while riding, and the ulnar side of your palm contacts with the handlebar, the pea bone is stuck in the middle.

When you pedal up the slope or go against the wind, speed up, and lean forward, the wrist joint will inevitably overstretch, causing the ulnar nerve to be pulled; At the same time, the support of the upper limb increases, and the pressure in the carpal ulnar tube also increases, thus causing the above symptoms.

● Countermeasures: When riding for a long time, you should get off and move your upper limbs every hour or so.

In addition, we should strengthen targeted exercises for the upper limbs, such as playing basketball and dumbbells.

In addition, when riding for a long time, it is advisable to change the position of holding the handlebar slightly often to avoid always pressing one part.

Wearing gloves can strengthen the stability of the handlebar, reduce the collision between the wrist and the handlebar, and also cover the handlebar with a soft sleeve.

If you feel sore when riding for too long, you can soak it in hot water or cover it with a hot towel.

Those with poor results can be treated with closed injection or neurolysis.

Injuries to cervical spine and lumbar spine ● Cause: mainly due to riding posture.