Cycling, walking, watching the sea… These green roads in Guangzhou need fire

As we all know, Guangzhou Bidao “combines beauty and function”, and it is a common thing to get a prize when beautiful.

Guangzhou Bidao can not only enjoy the lake light, water color, CBD magnificent scenery, but also see the invincible sea view! Let’s walk on the blue runway, bathe in the sea breeze and feel the waves.

The newest seashore Bidao in Guangzhou is 7.4 kilometers of invincible seascape, the Fuzhou Waterway in Nansha District, Guangzhou, the Fuzhou Waterway in Nansha District, Guangzhou, which was opened in October 2022.

The newest seascape Bidao in Guangzhou, the Fuzhou Waterway, is an ecological Bidao built on the Huigu Ecological Dike.

It is located at the intersection of the three rivers and six banks of Humen Waterway, Fuzhou Waterway, and Jiaomen Waterway.

It starts from Industrial Zone Chung in the east and ends at Dajiaoshan Coastal Park in the west, with a total length of 7.4 kilometers.

Overlooking the Fuzhou Bridge △ Entering the section of Haibin Road, Guangzhou Academy of Sciences, you can see the sailing observation platform with a height of about 3 meters.

Here, you can overlook the Fuzhou Bridge connecting Longxue Island with a maximum height of 5 meters from the ground.

You can enjoy the vast sea surface of the Fuzhou Waterway, the autumn view of the Blue Road △ Walking along the Blue Road, you can also visit the Nansha Queen of Heaven Palace Puzhou Garden and other scenic spots, Nansha Queen of Heaven.

There is a blue road hidden here.

The blue road is clean and wide.

Go south along the green road, which is the Pearl River estuary of “Yunshan Pearl River”.

Photo/Guangzhou Daily “The white waves are boundless and the sea is connected, and the sand is boundless”.

There is an inexplicable cure when riding in the wind and enjoying the sea along Wanli Bidao.

Figure/Guangzhou Daily If you want to get a better viewing experience, you can go to the Haitian Gallery, which is located at the 12-meter section of the secondary platform south of the 21st Chong.

Here, you can enjoy the vast nature of the sea and the sky with the sea facing the wind.

Photo/Nansha District of Guangzhou Daily has built about 60 kilometers of green roads, such as Lingshan Island Jianbi Road, Jiaomen River Green Road, Phoenix Lake Green Road Nineteen Chung Waterway Bitao and other Lingshan Island Jianbi Road △ Jiaomen River Bitao △ Phoenix Lake Bitao △ Nineteen Chung Waterway Bitao △ Guangzhou “net red” Bitao route recommendation ▼ Yuejiang Road Bitao Yuejiang Road Bitao is an urban Bitao, starting from the Guangzhou Tower in the west and ending at Pazhou Bridge in the east, with a total length of 6.6 kilometers.

Now the whole line has been completed and opened.

“Five roads in one” is the characteristic of Yuejiang Road Bitao, from the riverside to the green land, a 6-meter walk The 3-meter running track and 3-meter cycling track are covered without obstacles.

Both the running track and cycling track are made of anti-slip elastic materials to improve the running and cycling experience.

The walking track, jogging track, cycling track, the tram lane and the Pearl River Waterway jointly realize five links, connecting Pazhou West District, Convention and Exhibition Center, Pazhou East District, Guangzhou Tower, Haixinsha, Ersha Island and other important nodes.

Yadong River Bidao Conghua District Yadong River takes the construction of Bidao as an opportunity to raise the river by the river.

It promotes the long-term control of the river and promotes the revitalization of the countryside.

When you get to Yadong River Bidao, you can stroll along the ecological observation trail, or pull up your pants to catch fish in the water.

If you are interested, go to the surrounding hot spring resort to take a comfortable dip in hot spring, which can eliminate the fatigue caused by work.

Located at the corner of Xincheng Avenue and Zengcheng No.

1 Middle School in Zengcheng District, Bidao around Lihu Island is 3.6 kilometers long.

It integrates elements such as mountains, water, gardens and forests.

You can take a bike walk and enjoy the scenery.

An hour of good leisure time is just right.

The green road is equipped with lights.

At night, it looks like a beautiful necklace of night pearls.

Ersha Island Bidao Ersha Island has gathered cultural and sports venues such as Xinghai Concert Hall, Guangdong Art Museum Ersha Sports Park, etc.

On this island with artistic style, the construction of Bidao connects all nodes, forming a 5.5 km long roundabout Bidao.

In combination with the characteristics of the surrounding cultural and sports construction, Ersha Island creates cultural landscape recreation sites, cultural square nodes, hydrophilic square nodes, etc.

Based on the natural pattern of “island, water, sky, trees and flowers”, the biological island of Huangpu District, Bidao Biological Island, Bidao Biological Island, builds the “three roads and one belt” space of waterfront waterway, slow track, cycling track and recreation belt on the basis of the original good “green road”.

You can ride around the biological island and feel the breath of nature.

You can also visit the Ink and Wash Garden, Nanshan Park and Chen’s Ancestral Hall to feel the beauty of the garden.

These green roads connect the ecological oasis, and the rural landscape has blue sky and clear water, and also has the idyllic scenery! About “sauce friend sauce play”, focus on popular cities, explore various high-quality social leisure and entertainment methods.

“sauce friend” brings you happiness, happiness, happiness…

or happiness!.