Cycling travel service | Customizing your exclusive service

Cycling travel is a kind of fitness exercise, a kind of conquering a challenge, a kind of sharing a new journey, a kind of free and easy life attitude.

You can travel together, you can travel alone, you can travel easily in the city, you can go to other places, you can slow down by cycling, you can enjoy the scenery, you can experience life with a simple and beautiful mood, and you can share happiness without the exclusive riding security service for one person, Two people…

twenty people.

We recall our professional riding experience, professional equipment resources, professional technical services, professional logistics support, and professional private customization to ensure your safety.

Do you also like small travel routes? What is private customization? What should I do if I want to experience riding, but don’t want to make my own strategies? Does the company have any channels to prepare for travel Do you have a hundred thousand reasons why not hurry? These questions will help you answer 01 ① What is private customization? Private customization means that we can customize a unique travel plan for you according to your time, budget, preferences, personality, taste preferences and other specific requirements to ensure excellent privacy and unique taste.

We will provide you with 24-hour butler service before travel, during travel activities and at the end of the whole process.

We will ensure that you have a perfect experience during the activities in combination with the cultural landscape features.

02 ② Are there any other choices besides micro regiments? First of all, we will help you to select according to your number and budget.

At present, we provide 1-3 mini groups, 4-10 boutique groups, and more than 10 groups.

The price of these three travel modes is on the high side and they enjoy exclusive services.

Boutique groups are cost-effective and can make new friends.

The group with more than 10 members is mainly organized by the company, and is close to nature to relax.

03 ③ What’s the difference between riding and other travel? You can only travel by bike to a destination that you are familiar with and are satisfied with after the actual investigation.

Most of our customization specialists are post-80s and post-90s generation, who have rich experience in cycling travel.

Many of them have been engaged in the cycling industry for many years.

We strictly select different partners and exclusive resources, design the best travel plan according to your requirements, reject stylized travel, and provide you with a worry free, cost-effective cycling travel plan.

Each customer arranges customized services, provides 7 * 24 hours of services, high personal travel accident insurance, emergency response mechanism, and emergency rescue services.

04 ④ What exclusive services can be provided for the ride? Professional experience: After 10 years of development and precipitation, it has sufficient size, scale, activity, professional level and expertise.

Equipment resources: hundreds of Giant bicycles and other equipment are leased, and many vehicles are guaranteed; Select every hotel home stay and online hotel to enjoy the best service experience.

Select local specialties.

Customized itinerary: a more exclusive, deeper and more free itinerary plan designed by a senior customization engineer.

Logistics support: professional lead, guard, tail, technician, and team leader provide considerate services, provide supplies, and ensure safe riding.

Butler service: butler type one-to-one service, 7 * 24h online reply, ready to solve problems.

05 ⑤ What kind of customers is private customization suitable for? In fact, we have no specific group division, whether it is honeymoon tour, parent-child tour, family tour, friend party tour, company group building Any people who want to travel can choose to customize their travel.

It is just more suitable for the following guests: ① No time and energy to make strategies, and want to save as much as possible; ② Lack of travel experience, do not want to travel with regret; ③ Like to travel freely, go deep into the local area and enjoy real travel; Follow the establishment of the official account of Yiqi Hiqi Brigade, and you can learn about another professional/wandering/fun outdoor activity through WeChat.

We will escort you to play every journey safely and carefree.

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