“Cycling to Meixian County”, a man rode home for 23 hours for the Spring Festival!

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.

Have you returned to your hometown for the New Year? Nowadays, we all choose high-speed rail, train, bus and other means of transportation, or self driving, which is convenient and fast.

But the elder brother I want to talk about next, he did not take the ordinary way and chose a “laborious” but meaningful way.

A mountain bike, some simple luggage.

The tall, thin man in the photo is wearing a helmet and a professional cycling suit.

It was Zhang Zhichao who chose to ride back to his hometown of Mei County from Shenzhen! Near Fugui Primary School in Meixian District, the reporter saw Zhang Zhichao and his wife Li Sijia.

Zhang Zhichao told the reporter that he is a 39 year old from Fugui Village, Chengjiang Town, Meixian District.

He has worked in Shenzhen since he graduated from college and is currently engaged in the financial industry.

Zhang Zhichao said that on January 26, he started from Longgang Central City, Shenzhen, passed Huizhou, Heyuan and Longchuan along National Highway 205, entered Meizhou, and then rode 365 kilometers from Wuhua, Xingning to Damei County.

Zhang Zhichao said that the last time he went back to his hometown for the Spring Festival was in 2010.

For many years, due to work reasons, three members of his family have not returned to their hometown for the Spring Festival for a long time.

Then why did he have the idea of riding home for the New Year? Advertising time Advertising time Zhang Zhichao said that he just wanted to experience the scenery along the national road.

The total time for riding was about 31 hours, and it took about 23.5 hours.

Therefore, there were only 7 hours to eat or rest.

Riding 365 kilometers is not a small test! So, where is Brother Zhang’s “equipment” for this ride? As soon as he finished, he pushed out a bicycle and told the reporter that this was his cycling equipment for returning home! The reporter saw that there was only a small bag on the back seat of the bike, and the luggage was simple! During the interview, the reporter learned that Brother Zhang’s family loved sports.

This time, he rode back to his hometown, not only to challenge himself, make a different attempt, but also to set a good example for the children! Riding home for the Spring Festival is a novel way, but the distance is not short.

You should pay more attention to the safety on the road.

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