Cycling Sand Road Fort 2022 (59)

Dec.202022 Panyu Hualong Road Fort comes to Hualong Vehicle Management Office for business.

Then take a stroll around Hualong Town.

The nearest sand road fort is the first choice.

The straight-line distance was only 5 kilometers, and the point knew that the motorcycle could not get on the highway, and it took about 10 times the distance to get there.

HD link: riding sand road fort 2022 (59) The sand road fort is in Shating Village.

The park is open for free, and even the people on duty have not seen it, and tourists have not met one.

If you don’t take the highway, you have to make a big circle to get to the fort without 2 steps.

Here is a brief introduction.

The road up the mountain has a beautiful picture.

Here are the No.

1 and No.

2 Fort, facing the Port and Shipping Center.

It is still very close to Huangpu.

In the crater scenic area of Fort 3, only this crater is equipped with fake Krupp cannon.

There are also No.

5 and No.

6 gun pits here.

You can visit them in half an hour by simply walking.

Each fort is not far from each other, and there are clear signs.

This is also the only way for the dragon boat to enter Hualong.

Continue to drive a motorcycle to visit the villages along the line, such as Shating, Botang, Shuimen, Caotang, Mingjing and Tanshan.

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HD link: riding sand road fort 2022 (59) 。