Cycling ring road, riverside trail, children’s amusement facilities… a new green area of 210000 square meters will be added at the end of

@Good news from Jiading’s partner Xiaojia learned from the rural office of Anting Town that the construction of the Huangxie green land project will start in March and will be completed by the end of this year.

Why is it called Huangxie green land? It is said that more than 2000 years ago, Huang Xie, one of the “four princes of the Warring States”, was ordered to attack the State of Qin.

He led a large army to ferry across the river at Lujiaopu (now the east head of Huangdu).

The Wusong River is magnificent with thousands of sails and waves.

Since then, later generations have called this place “Huangxiedu”, hence the name of Huangdu.

Huang Xie Green Land pays attention to the local culture and presents the historical origin of “water control hero” Huang Xie and Huangdu.

The project is adjacent to Boyuan Road in the north, Wusong River in the south, planned road in the west, Xujia Village, Rundu Jiayuan Community and other residential areas.

The plot area is 320.55 mu, about 214000 square meters.

It is understood that Huangxie Green Space will tell the historical origin and folk stories of Huangxie and Huangdu from ancient times to present in the form of large-scale creative landscape wall, small figure sculpture, cultural corridor, bridge and other forms, reproduce the “Ten Scenes of Huangdu”, elaborate on the origin of “Yellow Wine”, and look forward to the future, depicting scenes of all walks of life in Huangdu area in the new era.

At the same time as creating the cultural landscape in the main entrance renderings, Huangxie Green Space will also build a green corridor ecosystem, use the natural watercourses bordering the Wusong River in the south and running through the north and south of the green space, create the riverside walkways on the east and west sides, and set up the viewing platform, riverside walkway, tree-array square, bicycle riding path, ecological recreation facilities, etc.

If you love outdoor, here will be your best choice for cycling and running.

According to the plan, the cycling ring road will take advantage of the natural terrain changes along the outer circle of the green space to increase the fun of cycling.

The riverside promenade will connect the existing sidewalk in the green space and form a short walking loop.

At night, the lighting improvement project will also use lighting as a medium to create a quiet and elegant waterfront of happy life and add a “bright” color to the citizens.

Two places suitable for children to play and rest have also been added to the green space.

Rendering of viewing platform In terms of greening selection, Huangxie Green Space will create wisteria flower racks in the Wanghong scenic spot, plant various trees, shrubs and ground cover plants, so that the overall environment is layered and has scenery in four seasons.

In addition, supporting facilities such as ecological parking lot (88 small parking spaces), non-motor vehicle parking area and convenience post station are also under planning.

Correspondent: Su Fengyi Editor: Zhou Qian.