[Cycling Review] Note 2.12 Riding Hengqin Flower Sea Corridor

On February 12, Zhuhai Cycling Sports Association held the first ride in the spring – riding the Hengqin Flower Sea Corridor, which improves the anaerobic exercise ability of the whole body, especially the thigh muscles, and helps to improve the anaerobic threshold by cycling.

Following the professional cycling team to adjust the cycling rhythm also has a good exercise for cardiorespiratory function.

Help each other and promote the feelings of riding friends! At 8:30 a.m., sports-loving riders set out from all over Zhuhai and gathered in Huafa Commercial Capital to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hengqin.

The activity route is through the Hengqin Flower Sea Corridor.

Riders will travel around Hengqin by bike, taste the beautiful Hengqin in Zhuhai, experience the city of vitality and romance.

Hengqin will become a unique cycling route in Zhuhai, relying on and forming the basis of natural elements, connecting urban and rural recreation, leisure and other green open spaces, focusing on recreation and fitness, and having the functions of green travel and biological migration for citizens.

There are top professional bicycle rental points at the third post station of Huahai Corridor.

You can camp on the lawn nearby for free (remember to take away the garbage).

You can drink and play lemon tea at the “roadside tea stall” of the third post station by riding Huahai Corridor.

In the evening, the third post station is a holy place for playing cards at the second bridge of Wanghong Hengqin! (Giante professional adult bicycle) (Giante professional children bicycle) (Giante professional man-carrying bicycle – tea cup can be placed) (Hengqin Second Bridge material source: Fengsheng news) (treasured Premier Wen Jiabao’s bicycle and pictures of Zhuhai) (lunch: edge furnace) The president of Zhuhai Cycling Sports Association personally reviewed the history of the treasured wall and explained the history of Zhuhai Greenway with his riders.

We look forward to more riders joining us, helping each other and having a happy race!.