Cycling Longyan Changting to visit the ancient city (90km)

Monday and Tuesday are my rest days, and special rest days are doomed to have no friends.

This weekend, the original plan was to ride in Jianning Mingyi Ranch.

Due to various reasons, we changed to Changting.

The riders were very awesome and adjusted their working hours to ride together.

Last weekend out of the province, this weekend out of the market! Interesting! The boundary between Sanming City and Longyan City! It’s a nice day today.

All the way, all the scenery! Clock in at 520 in front of the museum! Changting powder is very famous, and the most famous Changting powder is in front of the restaurant.

Look! The roadside is covered with dried powder, which has become a unique and beautiful scenery! Lunch, special fried Changting powder, taste, feel good! After lunch, punch in at Qu Aoli! If you don’t buy a ticket, take some pictures at the door and around.

After taking the picture, continue to move forward against the scorching sun! Arrive at Changting after 3:00 and find the house booked online! B&B gate, I feel good!! Take a beautiful picture first!!!! Wow! There are roses on the bed, beautiful!! After cycling, why is my mileage always less than others! Have a rest and go! Go to the ancient city! The ancient city is beautiful today! Ha ha ha, it can be said that it is crazy.

‘I have milk tea and wine.

I want to listen to the story.

Listen to the story and drink wine.

Is there any life of petty bourgeoisie.

This is a good word.

If you are not too tired to ride at night, you really need to walk.

People come and go when shopping in Diantou Street.

Although it is Monday and there are many tourists, they can’t help buying sugar during tasting! Come back with a full load! The apprentice pulled maltose, but didn’t learn it well.

Ha ha! Clock out at Diantou Street! In the evening, drink some wine to relieve fatigue!!! After dinner, walk back to the home and enjoy the night view! Perfect, riding, and enjoying the scenery! 。