Cycling is the most valuable sport

As a deep cycling enthusiast, I can’t avoid being “dug” by some friends who are not in the cycling circle.

Friend A: It’s better to buy a motorcycle if you spend ten thousand yuan on a bicycle! Friend B: How tired it is to ride a bike! Better go running! Friend C: The weather is hot and hot.

You still go cycling! Friend D: Go to the bar happyhour in the evening! Me: I have an appointment with a cyclist to ride the street Many friends who don’t ride bicycles can’t understand why we ride bikes so crazily and why we choose cycling as a way of sports or travel.

They don’t know.

In fact, cycling is the most valuable form of exercise.

Cycling is an aerobic exercise.

Cycling is called “golden aerobic exercise”.

It can improve the heart and lung endurance, lower limb muscle strength, coordination, balance ability, and reduce stress.

As far as bicycles are concerned, how can we do more effective aerobic exercise by cycling? Aerobic exercise must be carried out all year round to show its effect.

You can’t bask in the net for three days and fish for two days by cycling.

The human body gradually adapts to the requirements of cycling during regular aerobic exercise, and the health level is improved and maintained accordingly; The body can’t benefit from cycling only once after too long interval.

It is ideal to ride three to five times a week in a balanced way, with one to two hours each time.

In the long run, it will form a habit.

Aerobic exercise is light to moderate intensity exercise.

When cycling, the heart rate is about 120-150 beats/minute, and you are slightly wheezing, but you can talk easily.

This is basically within the scope of aerobic exercise, with moderate intensity.

Cycling is beneficial to health.

Cycling can not only exercise and strengthen the body; Burn calories, reduce fat accumulation, and shape a better figure, so that you will be open-minded and happy, and the whole person will become confident.

It is an indisputable fact that cycling is beneficial to physical and mental health.

Many medical studies have pointed out that, like other sports, regular cycling has significant effects on hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and other civilized diseases.

Jose, mayor of Strasbourg, France, recently announced a novel measure, authorizing more than 50 doctors in Strasbourg to include cycling activities in the prescription, and list cycling as one of the treatment methods.

Although cycling is very easy, it is a huge challenge to ride for a long time and with high intensity.

Cycling can burn 300 to 700 calories per hour, and you can lose about 10 pounds in a year by riding at a moderate speed for several hours per week.

Riding is a very pleasant thing because it can lose weight and keep slim.

Riding is an investment that cleans up the mind.

Sanmao once said, “When you read more, your face will change naturally.

Many times, you may think that many books you have read are gone and will not be remembered.

In fact, they are still hidden in your temperament, in your speech, in your mind, and of course, they may also be revealed in your life and words.” Similarly, the road you have ridden, the scenery you have seen, the people you have seen, and your personal feelings, They will never deceive you.

They are deposited in your spirit and spirit, and your changes can be felt by everyone.

If you have a restless heart and want to pursue your inner dream and find a way to prove your existence, then go cycling.

When you like this kind of exercise and have something you like, you will reap more happiness; You will love life more and learn to cherish the time with family and friends.

To help you build a healthy social circle, cycling has become a popular sport around the world.

Cyclists in the cycling circle come from all walks of life, ranging in age from teenagers to decades.

Join a cycling club, share and exchange cycling knowledge and experience, and make friends with like-minded people.

Whether you learn cycling knowledge or life experience, it can greatly add value to yourself and help you build a healthy social circle.

To contribute to the cause of environmental protection cycling is a green, healthy, low-carbon and environmentally friendly way of sports.

Choose cycling to protect the environment and make a contribution to the cause of environmental protection..