Cycling is not only beneficial to health, but also improves X life!

Everyone chooses to ride for different reasons.

Some people want to keep healthy, some people want to maintain vitality, and some people just ride for fun.

However, after reading this article, you may have another reason for cycling.

Cycling is now recognized as a sport: cycling can not only improve your strength, but also improve your performance in bed! Research shows that cycling can not only make you more attractive to the opposite sex, but also improve your sexual life satisfaction, and even improve your sexual ability! This high-intensity aerobic exercise can bring you a strong sense of happiness and improve your sexual vitality by increasing your blood oxygen content.

Now it seems that this is enough reason for you to continue to ride your bike.

Wait, I heard you say, “So what?” Is the world too shallow to care only about our appearance and sex life? Of course, life is not only about sex, but it is also a kind of adjustment and fun of life.

New research shows that a night’s sleep may be more important than a night’s play.


Michael Royson, the host of the Cleveland Clinic’s Health Research Center, said, “For men, the more times they have sex, the better.

The average life expectancy of men who have 350 orgasms a year is 4 years longer than that of men who have only the national average (about a quarter of 350 orgasms).” He even asserted that an average of 700 orgasms a year will prolong your life expectancy by 8 years.

(700 times! What did he take us for.

In the 1980s, a Swedish study found that people who can live to 75 at the age of 70 still have sex.

About 10 years ago, British scientists surveyed the lifestyle of nearly 1000 men in six villages in Wales to study the impact of frequent sex.

Their research results show that according to the death records, men who have frequent sex have a 50% lower risk of death than ordinary boys.

Cycling is really a sport worthy of our lifelong persistence.

There are many benefits.

No matter what the reason is, hurry up to ride it.

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