Cycling is a new way to measure the city

NO: March 2011 is a good time to travel.

The chilly spring breeze, the thawing of the river, and the blooming of spring flowers.

So it became a good time to ride.

Accompanied by the morning fog, light clothes, easy route, and constantly harvest the surprises of scenery and culture.

The appearance of a city has different aspects under different use scenarios of transportation tools.

If you ask me which I like, I will not hesitate to choose cycling.

There is no traffic jam, no crowd, and no danger of galloping.

It can not only satisfy the desire to explore and conquer all corners of the city, but also maintain some control over speed and rhythm.

Between the fixed starting point and ending point, there are countless random and changeable routes.

Just as in the seemingly ordinary daily life, the seemingly boring behavior route still contains countless imperceptible or obvious details or fragments.

They adorn and embellish the corners of life, and affect and change some possibility that will happen in the future.

When you ride to a river, you can throw your car aside and lie on a stone to bask in the sun.

There are only two or three passers-by passing by.

It is the moment to temporarily escape from any interpersonal relationship, only this world and yourself.

Throw a stone casually, and the ripples will soon disappear, and everything will be calm.

A certain chemical reaction rising from the cycling just now has also gradually disappeared, melted by the noon sun and washed by the spring river.

The wind brings some kind of just temperature, keeps some restraint in winter, and also heats up for the restlessness in summer.

Surprise is in front of you, just follow your intuition and follow the direction of the wind.

Most of the time, they will disappear in the road you are riding for only a second or two, as if they had never existed.

But there are always people who are willing to go back, or run forward, wait a moment, and take a panoramic view of the encounter of one or two seconds and engrave it in their hearts.

To some extent, the lucky ability to find surprises and the judgment to collect in time are the speed and freedom of cycling.

The speed is up to you, and the south wind knows what I mean.

You can choose to travel with a group of people, or enjoy the pleasure of exploring the city alone like me.

It’s like exploring the body of your loved one at your own pace, measuring the pulse of the city with your riding pace, in the familiar way and in the strange way.

Sometimes it is beautiful and charming, no matter hot or cold, it is clearly felt by you.

Sometimes there are misty eyes, with some fog, waiting for you to shuttle carefully.

As for the scenery and mood that can be harvested from each ride, it is the superposition and evolution of random events under a certain track.

The certainty and uncertainty, the mystery and the desire to explore make people want to remove the veil layer by layer, to see its streets, to see its nobility and downfall, to see its goodness and gentleness, and to see its violence and evil spirit.

Chase the wind and wait for the moon to rise.

The seasons change and everything flows.

Cycling requires a balance of speed and rhythm, and a choice of path.

It is not a kind of high point reached in a moment, but gradually penetrates into this daily and unusual landscape after slowly advancing and turning.

A screw and a mirror fragment were found under the overpass.

A person in a wheelchair passed by.

Everyone was walking and walking on their own way.

Wander in the creative park and get on the rooftop of the password lock.

Exercise will produce dopamine, but what are the similarities and differences between it and the hormone of love.

It’s beautiful near the Liangma River at night.

Follow the changing lights and cruise the land under the protective color of the night.

There are also Xinjiang restaurants in the daytime.

At first glance, they are decorated with lights for some years.

They are very noisy.

Life is an adventure, leaving and meeting again and again.

Occasionally, we can directly unplug the battery in the alarm clock.

In our own rhythm, it doesn’t matter if we immerse in it for a minute.

This is the fun of riding, just a little.

If you are interested, please explore for yourself.

“Start with one step”, the rest is to wait until you get a bicycle.

Welcome to comment on the interactive message on the background, exchange your riding experience, or share your equipment.

As for equipment, a bike that suits you is just fine.

Helmets should be worn well to ensure safety and life.

Choose the one with mips system, pay attention to lightweight, and then face value.

It’s right to choose the one you like.

Gloves are also important, warm in winter and cool in summer.

Full finger gloves and half finger gloves.

Temperature is also very important.

The temperature difference between day and night is large, and the temperature difference between seasons is necessary.

We need to keep warm and ventilated.

(Numerous signs and pictures are omitted here, and the editor is a little sleepy.) Good night, readers.

Text of this article: Haihualv Picture of this article: Haihualv, part of it comes from the music of this article: Else-Diplomacy.