Cycling in Huashan Town 2022 (56)

Dec.182022 Luochang Village of Huadu Huashan Town is very large, and the first phase of Huashan Town is very small, but there are many sceneries and few tourists.

There are many blockhouses built by overseas Chinese in the village.

The town is characterized by cultural tourism, and the restaurants, cafes, and home stays are very modest.

HD link: riding Huashan Town 2022 (56) This is Luochang Village, Huashan Town.

When we arrived at 4:00, the sun had already tilted, and many buildings were blocked.

The graffiti wall has the most aesthetic feeling.

There are few tourists who can drive a motorcycle to come in.

Farming reading people’s accounts were affected by the epidemic, and many small shops were closed.

The houses in the town are very narrow, and there is more light at noon.

Take a selfie in a restaurant with high-grade food materials, which is also a good place for taking pictures.

The old brick wall is decorated with a small gray sculpture, which gives a small and fresh sense of literature and art.

The decorations of the restaurant passed by Lixi Dam and saw the beautiful sunset.

The ride ended smoothly.

Author: Seven.

Sem, Shapu Village, Huangpu.

Author: Seven.

Sem, Shapu Village, Huangpu.

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HD link: riding in Huashan Town 2022 (56) 。.