Cycling Gangtou Village 2022 (53)

Dec.112022 Cycling in Huadu Gangtou Village, we searched Huadu for tourism on the Internet, and learned that Gangtou Village, which was originally near, was located in the border area between Conghua and Baiyun District.

The ancestral temple in the village has been properly renovated, and there are outdoor camps in the fields, which is worth visiting.

HD link: Cycling Gangtou Village 2022 (53) There is a harbor camp in the farmland opposite the ancestral temple.

It looks very comfortable, and nobody can play now.

Today, we set out together with brother Quan of Miaotou, which is very good for driving the atmosphere of the scene, and we can get acquainted with the local people or tourists immediately.

The late rice here has not been cut in December, and the color is very dark.

It seems that it is not a traditional product.

After one lap, another motorcycle ride for outside shooting.

Beside the ancestral hall, there are also residential ancestral halls that have been resting.

It’s very comfortable to see the background of the rice ancestral hall of this color for the first time.

It’s good to have friends in the hall for outside shooting.

You can help each other take photos.

Looking at the grey sculpture on the top of the ancestral hall, I know that it has been renovated recently.

I haven’t seen the sparrow for a long time, but I ran into it here unexpectedly.

Author: Seven.

Sem, Shapu Village, Huangpu.

Author: Seven.

Sem, Shapu Village, Huangpu.

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HD link: Cycling Gangtou Village 2022 (53) 。.