[Cycling class · experience class] On March 12, the first professional cycling class was opened at the University Town Station

Guangdong ball class · children’s outdoor education Click the “Guangdong ball class” below the title to follow us to start your ride and see the world.

Guangdong ball class mainly focuses on cycling courses and outdoor courses.

Children’s outdoor education institutions are committed to helping teenagers explore the outdoors, go outside, learn from nature, and create a new way of education.

Guangdong ball travel is one of the few children’s outdoor education institutions focusing on cycling in China, Since its establishment, it has been committed to promoting cycling and encouraging children to go out of high-rise buildings, return to the outdoors, enter the nature and receive nature education.

We mainly focus on team activities and course training, and hope to lead more parent-child families to go outdoors, experience professional cycling, and experience wonderful outdoors.

Continuously grow in the experience, expand your comfort circle, and become more excellent.

We have done a lot of cycling training in the past few years.

It has benefited countless parent-child families.

This year, we will continue to expand the scale and increase the number of cycling experience training sessions.

Continue to expand our like-minded young knights, and also recruit young knights for our enlightenment class.

Let’s ride farther and better on the road.

Reasons for setting up cycling training ✔ Because riding has many benefits for children, such as strengthening the body and going outdoors.

✔ Because cycling is a sport that requires basic technology, there is a certain threshold.

✔ Cycling is an excellent outdoor education activity, which can improve their character and ability ✔ Let every child have the opportunity to understand and learn the cycling course developed by us, improve their outdoor skills under professional and systematic training, and improve their core character and ability.

Riding is one of the popular aerobic sports for children, which is beneficial to children’s physical and mental health and development; Cycling can effectively improve children’s motor coordination and reaction sensitivity; Cycling is a great outdoor sport, which can help children get rid of electronic products and return to nature.

Learn to face setbacks and build self-confidence in the failure and success of cycling practice; Riding is a sport that tests the willpower of children and trains their perseverance; Cycling is a great group sport, which allows children to learn how to live with partners with different personalities from an early age, participate in collective actions, and exercise social skills; Parents and children participate in cycling together, establish social circle and enjoy happy family time.

Training venue This introductory ride will bring us to the beautiful university city.

It is adjacent to Luoxi Island in the west, Biological Island in the north, and Changzhou Island in the east, facing Pazhou Island in the eye.

With an area of 17.9 square kilometers, Xiaoguwei Island is one of the few island universities in the world, providing a natural paradise for the ivory tower.

The university town has a famous green riding road in Guangzhou, which can be said to be a paradise for cyclists.

Here you can see many riders and enthusiasts.

The university town not only has a beautiful cycling environment, but also has a strong cultural atmosphere.

It has gathered numerous famous universities in Guangzhou.

When children learn to ride, they will also plant a seed of university dream in their hearts.

Training content “Understanding mountain bike, origin and development, learning the riding safety rules of mountain bike, learning the correct riding posture, learning the basic riding technology (getting on and off, braking, speed changing, etc.), understanding the formation of mountain bike, learning mutual cooperation and team cooperation, team expansion games, helping children to integrate into the team, learning how to integrate into the team, and completing the formation task, Challenge yourself ▲ Learn mountain bike knowledge ▲ Learn brake knowledge ▲ Learn speed change ▲ Learn formation riding ▲ Team expansion game ▲ Summary and reflection Special instructions Training instructions: For new development, each person has only one chance to participate at a preferential price.

The course has a riding distance and requires a certain amount of physical strength.

To do a good job in psychological construction training, the content is relatively rich.

Remember to read the article carefully.

The training for parents and children must be one big and one small enrollment.

In principle, 10 people are not allowed to fly alone.

This activity is developed for new people.

Repeated participation requires the original price registration training process: 9:30 — starting point collection 1.

The outdoor activities arrive on time; Sign in and take temperature; 9:30-10:30 ice-breaking, training to start the cycling challenge trip 1.

Team ice-breaking game, laying a good foundation for the day’s activities; 2.

The teacher will introduce the day’s schedule; (Facing various challenges) 3.

Mountain bike training, warm-up 10:30-11:30 learning experience, adaptive riding 1.

Learn basic actions (getting on and off, changing speed, braking, etc.) 2.

Carry out adaptive riding 11:30-13:00 lunch, game 1.

Self-prepared lunch 2.

Team expansion game 13:00-14:30 formation experience 1.

Complete the 18km formation riding challenge 14:30-15:00 summary and reflection learning 1.

Summary and sharing meeting, and departure, Return to Guangzhou 01 event registration [Training location]: Guangzhou University City (detailed address within the group notice) [Training date]: March 12 [Training fee]: 120 yuan/person (one adult can be free of charge) [Collection method]: Arrive at the collection location by oneself [Registration method]: 1.

Need to forward the tweet and save 38 screenshots to the consultant (honest participation) 2.

Need to add our course consultant, register at the course consultant, and understand the basic information of the child 2 The forwarding link should be accompanied by the following text: “The introduction to cycling begins with the Guangdong ball game.

A systematic mountain bike riding training will protect the safety of outdoor cycling.

Come on and see the world together in Guangdong ball game”.