Cycling, camping, barbecue… Wanzhou has another new place to play, starting at the weekend!

There will be sporadic light rain on a cloudy day tomorrow, with a temperature of 5 to 9 ℃.

You can ride a landscape bike slowly on the colorful trail to watch the scenic spots of Pinghu Lake; Is it a pleasant thing to invite three or five friends to barbecue on the fishing boat and camp in the tent to taste tea? Now, these can be realized in the newly built riverside landscape walkway in Huangbai Township! The new destination~The colorful red, yellow and blue footpath forms a scene of its own.

It is as beautiful as ribbons on the beautiful bank of the reservoir.

In the empty dam beside the footpath, a children’s paradise has been built.

There are slides, swings, sand pools, outdoor trampolines, bumper cars and other facilities, where children play heartily, and everyone is happy.

There are also many tourists from Wanzhou City and Bayang Town, Yunyang County.

Footpath introduction According to the introduction, the riverside landscape pedestrian path comes from the comprehensive improvement project of market town reservoir bank environment implemented by Huangbai Township.

The total investment of the project is more than 22 million yuan, mainly for the construction of embankments and the construction of colored walkways with a length of more than 1000 meters on the dam crest.

The relevant person in charge said that it not only improved the flood control capacity, but also laid the foundation for building a leisure tourism area integrating cycling, sightseeing, camping and barbecue around the lake.

In the next step, Huangbai Township will also build a wetland park, add leisure and fitness facilities, and build a homestay, so that everyone can eat at ease and play happily.

Reporter: Wu Di, Li Jianfeng Editor: Lin Qiao, Yi Rong Editor: Luo Yong, Yang Yuangang Original manuscript of Chongqing Three Gorges Rong Media Center.

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