Cycling at 12:00 p.m. – the 21st anniversary

Some time ago, I visited our primary school head teacher with the iron brothers of the primary school, and invited the teacher to play with us.

It was more than half past eleven when I finished preparing to go home.

Just about to take a taxi home to sleep, Xiao D looked at his watch and said: otherwise, let’s ride home? I haven’t ridden a bike together for a long time.

At this time, there are few bikes and few people.

It’s very comfortable to ride a bike.

Click on the map.

It is nearly 13 kilometers away.

It is estimated that the ride time will be more than one hour.

Everybody, look at me.

Let me look at you.

Do you want to take a taxi or ride a bike? “Didi! Welcome to the xx bike!” We still got on the bike.

It is a long and long road from the place of departure to our respective homes (we live very close), with almost no twists and turns.

At the moment, there are almost no pedestrians on the road and there are few cars.

The wind is still a little chilly on my face, but I don’t feel cold at all when I ride the bike.

I just feel very happy and the world is wide.

I think it’s more exciting to ride the bike.

In ordinary times, we go to school separately, but in holidays, we always get together and have the opportunity to ride a long way and do some “crazy” things.

I don’t feel tired at all when I ride a bike.

Everyone talks about everything, but I feel that time seems to have stopped.

I took a look at the map at a turning point, and I have been riding for more than half an hour! It’s already midnight, and at the moment, there are several young people who are desperately pedaling home.

It’s really interesting to talk and laugh all the way.

When I ride, I can see Jinjiang from a distance.

I am gradually familiar with the road ahead – this is the only way for me to ride and finish school in junior high school.

My junior high school is located in this small alley.

I have never visited my junior high school in the middle of the night.

Oh, no, sometimes I will come back when I dream late at night.

Back to the time when I went to school by bike seven or eight years ago.

The alley is quiet and deep, and can’t be seen at a glance.

Although it’s dark, I’m not afraid at all.

I have stored too many happy or sad memories here.

Countless bittersweet and bittersweet and salty memories are mixed in this alley and in the universities with 70 years of history.

I remember riding a bike to school once in winter.

I was very anxious because I was late.

As a result, the tire rubbed against the slippery curb and I was thrown out by the car heavily.

Fortunately, I am dressed very thickly and have nothing to do with it.

Pat the ashes on his body, lift up the car, take a look at the dumbfounded shopkeeper next to him, and continue to hurry.

This lesson taught me not to be too hasty when doing things, or I would fall into shit.

I also remember that there was a mother-in-law selling Shandong coarse grain pancakes in the alley.

I don’t know if the pancakes she sells are authentic “Shandong” pancakes, but I know that the pancakes she sells are really delicious.


You can get the best set meal for 9 yuan.

The best is her crispy and marinated meat, as its name implies, which is fragrant and crispy, and neutralizes the soft taste of pancakes; The marinated meat and sauce complement each other.

After a mouthful, the flavor of the pancake itself combined with the flavor of the thin, crisp and marinated meat almost completed a taste explosion in the mouth.

If I don’t have breakfast in the morning, I like to buy one to take to the classroom, and after school, I must buy one to eat on the way.

At that time, after eating pancakes, I could still eat two liang of rice when I went home.

Once I was bored while waiting, I asked the mother-in-law: “The pancakes you made are so delicious, why not open a store to sell them, but sell them here by pushing the car, how tired and cold?” Now, in retrospect, her bitter smile was an answer to the hard life and also an answer to me.

When I went back to school later, my mother-in-law had already disappeared.

It was a pity that I could not eat her Shandong cereals pancake again.

And the naive kid who bought pancakes has already grown up.

“Hey! Can’t you go?” Brother urged.

Then I rode.

I was familiar with every place on the road.

I was excited to tell them what we had done here and what we had met here before.

We are the only ones on the street at night.

We seem to be crossing a corridor that spans time and space.

Along the road, we rode to our primary school.

Little D wanted to take photos.

This is our “dream start place”.

Compared with the time when we were in school, the current school is simply new and magnificent.

But I think the school is getting smaller and smaller.

Yes, every time I come, I feel that the school is getting smaller.

But when I was reading, I felt that the world was just fine, not small or small, just enough for me to exert myself.

I can run to the small playground behind the classroom from the school gate, and then run back to my classroom before the bell rings.

At that time, it was very popular to play a game of competing with each other.

I could always avoid others; I also remembered that I could lift from one end of the ladder to the other.

I’m growing up, I’m growing up, and the school doesn’t grow up with me.

Sometimes I wonder when I find myself growing up? It may be that when I looked back, I was surprised to find that the familiar sky had changed.

I looked at my primary school and found that I had grown up another year.

Riding at 12:00 in the middle of the night, the figure of the brother beside him seemed to be gradually blurred, and the space was filled with silence.

It is also full of an elegant atmosphere.

At the moment, I don’t seem to be pedaling my bike.

I seem to be dancing with music.

Notes flow from the bell, and there are many people around me, who are of different ages, dancing around me.

The last part of the road is for me to ride alone.

I seem to have passed a new path from small to large.

I don’t like the feeling of growing up.

When I grow up, there are more things to consider.

It seems that it is not so pure.

But like a bicycle that can only move forward, it can only fall down if it doesn’t move forward, so I’m growing up.