Cycling | 1.13-16 Crossing Hainan Island and Climbing Wuzhi Mountain

The PRCC Club has just led the team members to complete the South West East Route around the sea.

The other route of Hainan Island is to take the middle line and climb over Wuzhishan Mountain, go through the north and south, and go deep across the island to experience the local customs of Hainan; The highest elevation of the central line of Hainan Island is less than 800 meters; Passing Sanya City, Wuzhishan City, Qiongzhong County, Tunchang County and Haikou City, the route fluctuates greatly and needs to climb three mountains, which is suitable for riders who love climbing.

On the way, we pass two ethnic minority settlements, Li and Miao.

The economy is relatively backward, but the original customs and customs are well preserved.

Don’t forget to play and watch when you ride through the tropical rainforest forest park on the middle route.

1 Humanities&Scenic Spots The Li people in Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County are the earliest residents in Hainan.

Their history can be traced back to the Neolithic Age, which has lasted for thousands of years.

The long historical development has gradually formed the unique national culture of the Li and Miao nationalities.

The middle line area is a generation inhabited area of Li and Miao ethnic groups, where strong ethnic customs still remain.

You can experience the original Li and Miao folk customs, watch the active Miao songs and dances, and taste the authentic Li and Miao food.

Tropical Rainforest Scenic Spot Wuzhishan Tropical Rainforest Scenic Spot is located in Shuiman Township at the foot of Wuzhishan Mountain, Wuzhishan City, Hainan Province, 28 kilometers away from Wuzhishan City.

The Shuiman River, the mother river of the primitive Li ethnic group, flows through the whole scenic area.

The Shuiman River, which is composed of spring water from the primeval forest of Wuzhi Mountain, is clear and quiet.

Cycling in the tropical rain forest, breathing 10000/m of negative ions ³ The air, even the Spicy Castle, has become delicious! The Wuzhishan Tropical Rainforest Scenic Area also has typical landscapes of tropical mountain rain forest and tropical valley rain forest.

There are towering ancient trees, dense vines, and exotic flowers and grasses everywhere in the scenic area.

There are always two mother trees connected, mother and son connected; Wild tea trees with magical medical effects; From the front of the viewing platform, you can see the Wuzhi Mountain, the roof of Hainan at an altitude of 1868 meters, towering and towering, with five peaks juxtaposing like five fingers supporting the sky.

For cyclists, there is one place they must go to: Atuoling, known as the “Queen’s Track”, where you can not only experience the strange and beautiful scenery of Wuzhi Mountain, but also experience the fun of riding.

There are no walls, railings, tickets, everything is open.

Take advantage of the elegance of the Happy Jianghu, ride straight to Shuiman Township, which is also the best place to watch the red maples of Wuzhi Mountain.

2 When you go to Hainan, you will have to taste clear and sweet coconut juice and Wenchang chicken.

The combination of the two is a unique Hainan traditional delicacy, coconut chicken, which is sweet but not greasy, full of coconut fragrance and original chicken fragrance! The ingredients for refreshing and refreshing are not uniform.

Different regions have their own characteristics, but most of them are mung beans, lotus seeds, tremella, and other summer food ingredients boiled together with coconut milk.

The right sweetness of coconut juice can quench thirst and relieve summer heat without appearing too sweet and greasy.

It blends with the mellow fragrance of all kinds of grains, which is sweet and delicious, soft and glutinous.

Hainan’s central line food is characterized by the “game” in the Wuzhishan area.

The delicacies are mainly wild beef, five legged pig, ganoderma lucidum crab, ant chicken and other four famous dishes.

In addition to the four famous dishes, the longevity fish, stone dace and eel in Wuzhishan Reservoir are also famous delicacies.

The central line is also rich in wild vegetables.

There are dozens of revolutionary vegetables, cauliflower, bridal vegetables, Lei Gong bamboo shoots, and tree sprouts.

Wild vegetables are the essence of heaven and earth, pollution-free, and are real green food.

Whether it is stir frying or hot pot, it will send out attractive fragrance and rich nutrition.

Wuzhishan’s Shanlan Sweet Wine and Bamboo Tube Rice are even more famous.

You can smell the fragrance of Shanlan wine ten meters away from the opening of the jar, and taste it and feel sweet.

Bamboo tube rice is refined from mountain orchid rice.

The rice and bamboo fragrance are mixed together and taste very good.

3 Activity details ❑ Day0@1.13 Sanya Assembly (free activity) Please go to Sanya to gather by yourselves, pick up the plane at the airport, report to the Assembly Hotel before 14pm (debug the vehicle, get the cycling equipment), have dinner, and break the ice before the activity.

[Recommended attractions] Tianya Haijiao, Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park, Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area (one of the most magnificent Buddhist holy places), Sanya Eternal Scenarios Area [Accommodation] Sanya five-star hotel or homestay Day1@1.14 The road from Sanya to Wuzhishan City (83km ride, 1131m climb in total) is relatively easy to get to Tiandu Town.

After crossing Tiandu Town, you need to cross three mountains, with curves and long and gentle slopes.

[Scenic spots along the way] Binglang Valley, Yanoda Tropical Forest Park, Wuzhishan Forest Park [Accommodation] Four star hotel or B&B in Wuzhishan Day2@1.15 Wuzhishan City Tunchang County (126km ride, 1846m climb in total) continued to climb along the G224 National Highway, and climbed over the highest peak of the trip – Atuoling Mountain.

Atuoling Mountain is 771 meters above sea level.

There is a platform on the top of the mountain where you can have a rest.

It is not far from Shiyun Township, and you can see the whole picture of Wuzhi Mountain after passing Wuzhi Mountain View Tower.

Wuzhishan Subtropical Rainforest Scenic Area is one of the largest tropical virgin forests in tropical China.

It is the southernmost part of the distribution of tropical forests in China and the northern edge of the distribution of tropical forests in the world.

It is characterized by complex forest composition, well-developed community structure, and rich interlayer plants.

The annual average temperature here is 20 ℃; It is known as the “Jade City”, “Natural Air Conditioner” and “Natural Oxygen Bar” without severe cold in winter and heat in summer.

[Scenic spots along the way] Baisha Uprising Martyrs Monument, Wuzhishan Mountain Viewing Tower, Maple Deer Farm, Muse Lake [Accommodation Hotel] Tunchang County three-star hotel or B&B Day3@1.16 Tunchang County Haikou City (92km ride, 601m climb in total) continued to ride along the National Highway G224 all the way north on this day, with most of the lower slopes in good condition..