Come to the East Lake for an autumn tour. Don’t just know about cycling and greenways

It seems that every time I come to the East Lake, I either enjoy the plum blossom in the plum garden or ride on the green path.

What’s so interesting about the East Lake? 12 large and small lakes, 81 square kilometers, more than 120 islands and over 100 kilometers of greenways; Tingtao, Moshan, Falling Goose, Flute and White Horse scenic spots, the East Lake is far larger than we imagined.

This year, the foreign minister of Wuhan in autumn seems to be sorry for not coming to an autumn trip.

In order to prevent everyone from getting dizzy in the East Lake, I carefully selected the three most worthwhile routes to travel in the East Lake and made this “The Most Complete Punch in Strategy in the East Lake”.

Please collect it! If you are a literary youth, there is no better place for you than the Falling Goose Scenic Area.

Take advantage of the fact that Jiuqu Bridge and Chishan Forest haven’t exploded yet, and go for a walk to feed the camera.

Falling Wild Goose Scenic Area is located in the east of East Lake.

It is not large in area, but far away.

The dreamlike scenery is worth ignoring the distance.

The original 13 yuan ticket is only used now.