College students ride more than 1500 kilometers to report for duty

Source: The WeChat official account “Communist Youth League Central Committee” (ID: gqtzy2014) is comprehensively collated from the WeChat official account “China Youth Daily” (ID: zqbcyol), “Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine” (ID: sntcmjwc), and netizens’ comments.

Two people set off 22 days ahead of schedule, and two vehicles rode more than 1500 kilometers across the Yangtze River, across Qinling Mountains and encountered heavy rain and landslides Recently, the freshman and his father’s hard core bike registration experience became popular! On September 11, they overcame difficulties and obstacles and arrived at Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the day of registration on time! The mountain bike was stolen on the sixth day of the registration.

It is understood that during the summer vacation, the father and son proposed a plan to ride to school to their father.

After taking a photo, the father and son merged and prepared the riding equipment.

Before the start of the riding plan, they carried out a month of physical training.

Both of them exercised by combining aerobic sports such as running with short distance riding to adapt to the next journey.

On August 19, the father and son embarked on the journey from Liuyang City, Hunan Province.

The sixth day of the journey is available The reality taught father and son a lesson when they chatted in a restaurant for an hour.

The mountain bike was stolen! Looking for pounds recalled that “when adjusting the monitoring, I found that the thief kept changing directions and sneaking into the dead corner of the monitoring after he got the hang of it.

Finally, he couldn’t find it and had to buy another car.” The reporter learned that Shijin and his father got up at 5:00 a.m.

and left on time at 6:00 p.m.

every morning.

After the night they arranged accommodation, they would take a walk around the local area to feel the different cultural customs of different places.

They had to change the route when they encountered a road collapse.

When they passed hotels and towns, they were very concerned about the father and son.

With the help of local people, the father and son avoided many detours.

When they passed a town, the local people also enthusiastically brought their own vegetables and fruits to the father and son My father found pounds by making dry food on the road.

However, it was inevitable to encounter unexpected natural conditions when he and his son rode more than 1500 kilometers to Yunyang District, Hubei Province.

When they suddenly encountered a road collapse in front of them, they had to temporarily replace the planned route, which was dozens of miles more than the planned route.

On September 8, they finally arrived at the Qinling Mountains and crossed the Qinling Mountains.

When they encountered a rainstorm, they were soaked and the road was sealed.

With the help of the gas station staff, they searched Pound and his father successfully crossed the Qinling Mountains and arrived at school after 22 days: the process was painful but full of happiness! After 22 days of cycling to find pounds, he finally arrived at the school.

Except for three days off for various reasons, he rode an average of 80-90 kilometers every day.

Talking about the experience of cycling to find pounds, he said that riding enabled him to know more about the local customs along the way and honed his will.

“Riding and learning are essentially similar, although the process is relatively painful, the result is full of harvest and happiness!” In addition, He said, “When you come to school, you should cherish your time more and try to learn professional knowledge well, and at the same time, you should also keep exercising.” Netizen: May you continue to ride the wind and waves! Here, the group reminds everyone that there are thousands of ways to travel long distances.

The first is to do what you can according to your physical condition and actual situation.

Don’t ride blindly.

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Wang Xiaokun lights up the “watching”.

I wish all students a smooth return to school!..