Changxing Island cross country riding | riverside riding, kayaking, real person CS, battle scene Measure the world with wheels!

“I don’t want to miss the push,” Starmark “got started~❀❀ 01 The more cross country riding, let’s” toss and turn “together!”! Riding is the most exploratory sport.

With wheels, children can expand their horizons and experience different worlds on the road.

Freedom, uncertainty, anticipation, and surprise.

Riding in the unknown ahead of the road can enhance positive enterprise.

Controlling bicycles is a process from frustration to self-confidence.

Love sports is a child’s nature.

If there is a sport that children will definitely encounter, cycling must be on the list! Ever since children have not learned to walk, they have been accompanied by cars: torsion carts, ant carts, tricycles, trolleys, scooters, balance carts As children grow up, the cars they come into contact with will vary, but at a certain age, bicycles will replace all of these cars, accompanying them from childhood to adulthood.

Autumn is a good time for riding.

Follow the “Little White Horse” and enjoy the beauty of the scenery, continuously measuring the world with wheels.

It is no more than 20 kilometers, with a dual combination of forest and riverside landscape.

Put on a helmet, wear protective gear, step on a bicycle, and instantly become a professional wind catcher.

Experience “speed and passion” on the stunning roundabout cycling path, and appreciate the beautiful scenery along the coast of Changxing Island.

Every persistence is a breakthrough in growth, and the trajectory of cycling will eventually become a unique mark in children’s lives.

A bicycle, a distance, a group of children; Advance towards your goals, turn the scenery and experiences along the way into memories, and imprint perseverance, courage, and enthusiasm in your heart! 02 Real CS, Battlefield Wind and Cloud, Stimulating the Battlefield! In team sports, if you want to suppress each other, the most important thing is unity, collaboration, and mutual assistance.

Only with active and tacit cooperation, and with collective honor as the highest goal, can you achieve greater than two goals, achieve good results, and compete at a high level! ▏▏▋▏▋▏▏▏▏▏▏▏▏▏▏▏▏▋▏▏▏▏▏▏▏96.

Every baby has a heroic dream.

Boys are born with a passion for guns, and they strive to defend their homes; Girls can also become fiery phoenix, with heroic and handsome women who are not inferior to men.

Every experience is an independent beginning, the formation of habits, the passion of fighting, and the deep feeling of side by side 03 Kayaking, Leisure Sports Challenge! Canoeing is a leisure sport that not only exercises balance and coordination, but also a challenging psychological process that cultivates courage.

▏ ▏ ▋ ▏ ▋ ▏ ▏ ▋ ▏ ▏ – mastering the safety wearing of life jackets; understanding the safety precautions on water; learning self rescue and rescue skills; deeply learning the use of paddles, skills of getting on and off the boat at the dock, rowing posture, basic paddling techniques, and other skills; combining theory and practice to help you quickly grasp rowing skills.

The lake is alive, with layers of scaly waves rising with the wind, accompanied by the jumping sunlight, accompanied by my heart beat, chasing and playing.

We have also carefully prepared a 100% non overturning rubber boat.

No matter how much you are afraid of water, it can make you feel the pleasure of swinging the oars and enjoying the pleasure of boating on the lake against the wind.

04 Activity itinerary 05 Camp introduction Yaqu Valley is located on the beautiful and fertile Changxing Island of Shanghai.

It is a beautiful island in Chongming, facing the river on three sides and the sea on one side.

It has a superior geographical location and unique climate environment.

Far away from external pollution, the ecosystem is perfect, and the air freshness is maintained at a first-class level.

Yaqu Valley Outdoor Star Camp covers an area of 370000 square meters, and its main businesses include expansion training, farming experience, sports activities, comprehensive youth practice, military experience, and leisure vacation.

Covering an area of 470 mu, with a water area of 60 mu, 10 expanded lawns can accommodate more than 1000 people at the same time.

Click to view the larger picture! The campsite has complete supporting facilities, outdoor group construction is available in all seasons, and various themed activities are abundant.

06 Camp Safety Management&Medical Emergency 07 Lunch is a table meal, and 10 dishes and 1 soup are a good supplement to the students’ physical fitness.