Can cycling help you lose weight? Answer 6 riding questions you care about most

As a kind of aerobic exercise, cycling seems to be less professional than running, playing ball games and swimming, but it can actually exercise the heart and lungs, activate muscles and lose weight! In addition, sharing bicycles can be found all over the streets.

In fact, cycling is a sport suitable for all people, with a low threshold, and can be started anytime and anywhere.

So, what should we pay attention to if we want to achieve the training effect by cycling? We have sorted out 6 small riding problems that everyone cares about most.

Let’s have a look – 1.

What are the benefits of riding for your health? Cycling is a very good aerobic exercise, which can strengthen the body and improve our cardiorespiratory function.

According to a 20-year research, the heart attack rate of long-term regular cyclists has decreased by 11% – 18%.

In addition, cycling can well exercise the strength and flexibility of lower limb muscles; Compared with running, climbing stairs, basketball, etc., the knee wear is less.

At the same time, outdoor cycling is highly pleasant, which can relieve mental pressure and regain a good mood.


Can cycling help you lose weight? Yes.

The single cycle time is 30-40 minutes, and the heart rate reaches 100-110 times/minute.

The exercise intensity is medium.

When the duration is more than 30 minutes, fat begins to decompose to provide energy for exercise.

It is the same with jogging to lose weight.

If you can keep it more than three times a week and stick to it for a long time, you will see the effect of losing weight.


The right posture for riding? Proper cycling posture can reduce the risk of knee joint injury, save effort and effectively stretch hip and leg muscles.

Before cycling, check the seat height: when you pedal to the lowest position, the knee joint will not be completely straight; When pedaling to the highest position, the knee flexion shall not be less than 90 degrees, and the standard seat is the appropriate height.

When riding, keep correct posture: lean forward slightly, bend your arms slightly, and relax your shoulders naturally.

Do not shrug your shoulders, which will make your shoulders and neck tight; Knee joint and foot are vertically forward.

If the knee joint is outward or inward, the force on the knee joint will be unbalanced, causing cartilage wear.


Riding can also strengthen muscles? If you want to have stronger lower limb muscles, you can choose high-intensity, short-term intermittent cycling.

First, warm up and ride slowly for 5 minutes, then ride at high speed for 5 minutes as much as possible, with the heart rate reaching 170-180 times/minute, and then gradually slow down and ride for 5-10 minutes, so that the heart rate recovers to less than 100 times/minute.

This is a group.

Continue to do several groups, and arrange 3-5 minutes rest between groups.

This intermittent cycling method has a strong stimulation to the lower limb muscles.

*Note that it is recommended to use this method on the riding platform.


Can cycling to and from work achieve the effect of exercise? The proper speed and duration can completely achieve the training effect.

According to an overseas survey on commuters over 40 years old, commuting by bike and on foot has the best weight loss effect, followed by taking a bus or train to help slim down, and the worst is driving to and from work all the way.

Therefore, riding a bike instead of driving, public transportation and subway is a way of daily exercise.

According to the experts’ proposal, the moderate intensity exercise should be 150 minutes per week.

In general, when the cycling speed reaches 15-18 km/h for men and 13-15 km/h for women, the standard of moderate intensity aerobic exercise can be reached; The cycling time is between 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

In this way, the daily exercise of the general population can be completed.


Safety precautions for riding Before long distance riding, do a simple warm-up to let the body enter the state and reduce sports injuries; Do not wear headphones to listen to music and do not play with mobile phones when riding a bike; Don’t ride on the motorway; Slow down in advance at curves; Keep away from predecessors when going downhill.

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