Camping, picnicking, cycling, hiking… Nanjing’s spring should be like this!

Recently, the weather in Nanjing has gradually warmed up.

In the good spring season, Lele is ready to go camping! Find a weekend to meet three or two friends and go camping around Nanjing to enjoy the spring~”Zhongshan Sports Park” 🚩: Zhongshan Cemetery Scenic Area Zhongshan Sports Park, No.

7, Shixiang Road, Zhongshan Gate, Xuanwu District, Nanjing, is located at the foot of Zijin Mountain in the eastern suburbs of Nanjing, close to Nanjing Institute of Physical Education.

With the advent of spring, it has become a popular camping resort for many Nanjing people.

The park covers a large area.

Many lawns are built according to the terrain, and the ponds where the water flows are connected.

When you enter the park, you will see green mountains, clear water and green trees.

The sky is blue and white clouds are floating.

Standing on the green lawn, I look at everything in front of me and feel vaguely like I am on the grassland beyond the Great Wall.

This is a holy place for photography.

Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, cloudy or sunny, afternoon or sunset, you can always take a different picture! Tangshan Mine Park 🚩: The mine park, 200 meters west of the junction of Meiquan Road and Quandu Street, Tangshan Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing, was once a large abandoned mine pit in the Zui area of Tangshan Mountain.

After restoration, it formed a characteristic ore body experience park with “mountains as a curtain”.

At the foot of the quiet Tangshan Mountain, find a secluded place to camp out and look into the distance, and your mood will become much slower.

There are also spectacular waterfalls, fast and passionate karts, romantic hot air balloons, and a variety of entertainment projects, so you will not feel bored.

The breeze is warm and the sun is just right.

When you are tired of playing, the whole family will lay picnic mats outside the tent, eat all kinds of food and juice, and enjoy the pleasant camping time! Other campsites: Xitian Pastoral Complex, Xianlin Lake Park, Bulaocun Village, Jiulong Lake Park and other beautiful seasons.

Not only do you need to go camping, take a family or make an appointment with friends, escape from the busy life, and go for a picnic quietly.

It’s also pleasant and leisurely! Source: “Xuanwu Lake Couple Park” 🚩: Xuanwu Lake Park, No.

1 Xuanwu Lane (near Dongting Road), Xuanwu District, Nanjing City, is a representative of the royal garden.

The lake is open and the scenery is charming.

The park is always full of tourists.

This place is full of vitality and is a clean place in a noisy city.

Most Nanjing people will choose to have a picnic here to start a beautiful spring! The European style buildings in the Lovers’ Garden seem to travel to France in a second.

The church, windmill and small castle are equipped with a big lawn.

There are also amusement parks, oil painting galleries and sculpture arts that can be used to punch cards.

Photo source: Light and Shadow Swordsman N couple can also feed pigeons in the park.

There are pigeon food sellers in the park.

Five yuan a bag can be fed for a long time! While picnicking and feeding, everything in front of us is so beautiful~Source: Light and Shadow Swordsman N “Longshan Heart Appreciation Valley” 🚩: Longshan Heart Appreciation Valley in the middle of Qiancao Road, Xiyang Community, Hengxi Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing City is a picnick place for small people in Xinjin, far from the urban area.

If you want to stay away from the urban area and travel to the surrounding areas, you may as well choose here, which is about 50 minutes’ drive away.

Compared with the urban area, it is quiet and there are fewer people! Photo source: Weixiong is an acceptable “bustle” even during holidays.

There are many cool places in the scenic area where you can “camp”, as well as accommodation, barbecue, coffee shop, recreation area, etc.

It will definitely be a day of full enrichment and harvest~Photo source: Due to the lack of people, can also bring its own speakers, including fruit, pizza, chicken wings, egg tarts Bread……

Begins to “make “Well, because of the epidemic situation, Longshan Heart Appreciation Valley has been closed for a while, but it will open to the public tomorrow! You can go to play! Other picnic places: Zhongshan Sports Park, Jiulong Lake Park, Yuzui Wetland Park, Green Expo Park, etc.

Cycling is probably the most comfortable in spring, and it is also a relaxing sport for Zui.

Walking around the city, the sound of wind comes from the leaves, and there are birds chirping, ringing, leaves rustling A bicycle, stop and go, live up to the good spring time~”Xuanwu Lake Ring Road” 🚩: Kunlun Road Taicheng Road Xijia Datang Jimingsi Road Beijing East Road Longpan Road Taipingmen Baima Park, near Xuanwu Gate, are familiar with Xuanwu Lake Ring Road.

Riding all the way, you can have a panoramic view of Shanshui City Forest, Mingcheng City, Ancient Jiming, Xiaojiuhua, and Taicheng willow.

On the way, you can also climb the Xuanwu Gate wall, visit various scenic spots such as “Ming City Exploration”, “Ancient Reading Wu Platform”, and the Ancient Jiming Temple.

You can see the traces of Nanjing City.

Source: Light and Shadow Swordsman N “Jiangning 17 km” 🚩: Zhongshan South Road – Yingtian Elevated Highway – G25 Changshen Expressway – Yaohu Road – Wan’an West Road – Pavel Road – Shangshe Road – to (She Village) “Xiaochuan Tibet Line”, also known as “Bantang Line”, is an 8.5km rural road located in Jiangning District, Nanjing City.

She Village, “the first ancient village in Jinling”, is connected at one end, and the beautiful and modern Tangshan Longshang is connected at the other end.

The whole journey is surrounded by green, breathe a breath of fresh air, and release your body and mind incomparably.

Photo source: Nanjing Jiangning Sports and Recreation Brigade is even more commendable.

There are 38 consecutive curves in a 2.8km winding mountain road.

Riders who love challenges express their real name and heart! Photo source: Other cycling routes of Nanjing Jiangning Cultural and Sports Tours: Huanglongxian Line, Shuimo Danian Line, Gaochun Slow City Line, Zijin Mountain Forest Line, Muyan Binjiang Line, etc.

Spring is coming, and many Nanjing people begin to climb mountains and have outings! At this moment, the breath of spring is flying everywhere in Nanjing.

Let’s go and climb mountains together! Source: Light and Shadow Swordsman N “Zijin Mountain Scenic Area” 🚩: When it comes to climbing at No.

7, Shixiang Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing, I have to mention Zijin Mountain.

It’s unforgettable to run against the rising sun! Located in the eastern suburb of the city, Zijin Mountain is a collection of many scenic spots, where beautiful scenery and rich history meet.

The transportation to Zijin Mountain is very convenient.

Turn to the subway and take a bus, and you can start the journey of climbing..