Before, during, and after riding — pay attention to what you eat

Nutrition plays an important role in your riding performance.

It affects your output during training and your recovery after training.

Food is very important for professional drivers, so every professional team will hire chefs to carefully design every meal for drivers to achieve reasonable energy and nutrition intake.

Hannah Grant, the author of the Catering Manual of the Grand Tour and the former Chef of the Jingkov Shengbao Bank team, said: “When you burn 4000-6000 calories a day, you can easily indulge yourself to eat and drink at will.

But for professional cyclists, they must eat 24 hours a day according to the plan and not mess around.

In the long run, your physical performance depends on your diet, and depends on whether you eat McDonald’s, or eat fresh fruits, vegetables and meat.” Then, before, during What should we pay attention to after riding? Before riding: Start your sunny day with a perfect breakfast.

If you plan to ride in the morning, breakfast will be your sufficient energy source.

In the morning, it may have been more than 12 hours since your last meal.

In this long night, your body has consumed a lot of energy to repair your muscles and supply glucose to your brain, so a good breakfast is crucial.

In addition, people who eat breakfast eat fewer calories during the day, so they are more likely to maintain a more balanced weight.

A good breakfast should include slow release carbohydrates, high-quality protein, vegetables and fruits.

Some good choices: porridge made of milk or soybean milk and fresh berries, with bananas and mixed nuts; Pure oatmeal and cereal with a tomato; Fruit shake made of banana, nut butter, milk and oats.

During cycling: If you ride for more than an hour, you will need to add extra carbohydrates.

The easiest way is to drink sports drinks, energy bars and gel.

However, natural foods can try high carbs such as bananas and dried fruits.

You can add about 60g of carbohydrate every hour.

Don’t be greedy, because your stomach can’t digest these superfluous foods during high-intensity exercise, which will lead to nausea or stomachache.

After cycling: After a day of cycling, your muscles are worn down to a certain extent.

At this time, you need to inject enough protein and carbohydrate into your body to repair the body and restore physical strength.

In your recovery meal, it is recommended to eat a lot of vegetables and fresh low-fat meat to ensure that you can get comprehensive nutrition.

The fiber in the vegetables can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, maintain gastrointestinal health, and prevent you from wasting time due to stomach trouble.

Some good choices: potatoes, tuna, vegetable salad; Chicken breast, rice and vegetables; Fruit shake made of peanut butter, yogurt, bananas, nuts and fresh berries.

Pay attention to the energy intake before, during and after riding, which will make you more powerful…