At the age of 30, he rode in China, met true love, rented a small rural yard to grow vegetables and draw pictures, and lived hard!

“All the roads that bicycles have traveled are deeply imprinted in my mind.” Bai Guan recorded this European cycling trip with the “Commander in Chief” on his microblog.

Although he was very tired, he loved this life very much.

Compared with the days when he sat in front of the computer to draw mechanical drawings a few years ago, he enjoys now.

Bai Guan is from Inner Mongolia.

After graduation, he went to a game company in Shanghai to work as an original painter for 6 years.

The “commander in chief” in his mouth was his wife Huang Lu.

She loved photography, but she had worked hard in the financial industry for more than ten years.

The meeting of the two was also attributed to Bai Guan’s “impulsion” when he was young.

In 2010, after many years of work, he did not have any achievements, which made him feel that the five tastes are mixed.

“He loves freedom and life, but he seems not to have done anything for it.” He felt that it is time to leave.

The stage of obtaining energy from big cities has passed, and staying would be to consume enthusiasm for life.

At that time, he was 32 years old.

He quit his job and gave up the idea of buying a house in Shanghai.

He gave away his belongings.

He only packed six boxes of books and sent them back to his hometown.

He found a bicycle full of dust.

He was alone with 60000 yuan of provident fund saved for several years.

In the early morning, I set out from Shanghai and rode around China for more than 60000 kilometers, passing through more than 30 provinces and cities.

I wrote seven diaries, drew thousands of manuscripts, and took more than 40000 photos.

Although the journey was full of hardships, he had mended the tires, been exposed to heavy rain, and slept in the cemetery But he never regretted.

On the island of Dayu Mountain in Fujian, he met Huang Lu, who was caught in the typhoon that day.

It was getting late and there were no other tourists on the island.

At that time, Huang Lu was engaged in financial work and took advantage of the holiday to travel.

Bai Guan’s cartoon records the first meeting of the two.

Huang Lu was afraid, so they played together.

Bai Guan also helped Lu Lu to get a tripod.

After that, Baiguan continued his cycling trip, while Lulu returned to Beijing and continued to take boring classes.

The contact between the two started…

Influenced by Bai Guan, Huang Lu changed her career to become an independent photographer in order to find her passion for life.

The farewell between Baiguan and Lulu has lasted for three years.

Baiguan has been on the road all the time.

They have been talking about what they have seen, discussed and quarreled with each other, which means they are almost in love.

After three years of acquaintance, the two traveled together again.

They agreed to go around the mountains in Tibet.

On this trip, Huang Lu saw the delicacy of a rough man in Baiguan, and Bai Guan saw Huang Lu’s strength.

After the ride, Lulu emailed him: Would you like to rent a yard to paint with me in the countryside of Beijing? Bai Guan thought for three days and agreed.

In 2013, Baiguan ended cycling and married Huang Lu the next year.

They yearn for the richness of life more than the stability that life gives them.

So I rented a courtyard in the suburb of Beijing.

You can not only live a quiet and idyllic life, but also enjoy the resources of a big city.

This is a house built in the 1960s, surrounded by naturally exposed earth walls.

There are apricot trees, plum trees, jujube trees, and fields in the yard.

Bai Guan and Huang Lu fell in love after they saw them on the wall.

But because of this big expense, the two became poor.

They had no possessions and no money to buy, so they found friends to collect idle furniture and electrical appliances.

The rest were made by hand.

It is not gorgeous or exquisite, but this is the real life.

What is Bai Guan’s courage? He always replies with Su Shi’s words: “Life is like a journey, and I am also a pedestrian.” Ordinary tables and chairs with a bunch of flowers and branches also look like they were deliberately made.

A shabby square table with a pot of tea can let them spend a leisurely day.

Picking some flowers for decoration also adds a romantic atmosphere.

Egrets are naturally spontaneous, and most of the finishing is done by Bai Guan.

The kitchen also reflects the man’s delicate side.

Since we want to live in the countryside, learning to grow vegetables is the first step to survival, which makes it difficult for Huang Lu, who grew up in the city.

Learning began with reading.

She bought many kinds of books to read, but she always failed at the beginning.

Either it is dry or the water is too soaked, or there is no response.

That year, as in the Baiguan manga, there was no harvest.

Later, it was found that it was better to learn directly from experienced people than from books.

Although Bai Guan hasn’t learned it yet, thanks to Huang Lu’s skill, it is a good harvest even though there will be pests and difficulties.

The food you grow seems more fresh and delicious.

The joy of the harvest made Huang Lu fall in love with growing vegetables and began to study various kinds of vegetable planting, such as cucumber, green vegetables, loofah, winged beans, corn, radish Not rich.

When the harvest is good, Huang Lu will cut them into small pieces and air them into dried turnips.

She also learned from the village women how to hang clothes on a hanger.

You can eat whatever you want.

You can also see their happy little days.

It is a sense of happiness and satisfaction to set up a table in the yard, sit together, and eat fresh and tasty vegetables.

When the harvest is good or the festival is over, the two people call their friends to come to the house to cook and chat together and enjoy their rare leisure time.

However, life in the countryside is not so easy.

Weeding is often needed in the fields.

In summer, in order to avoid mosquito bites, I had to wear trousers and long sleeves to work in the ground, and I was sweating all over my head.

Before I could appreciate the lotus blooming in the yard, I was bitten by mosquitoes.

However, despite the difficulties, they are still happy, such as eating delicious food.

During the Spring Festival every year, both of them write Spring Festival couplets and take group photos by themselves.

Such a day is simple and true.

They even tried greenhouse in order to eat green vegetables in winter.

Just because the life is comfortable and wonderful, Bai Guan has more painting materials to tell about life.

He slowly described what he saw and heard while riding, and drew the story of himself and herons into the cartoon.

The heroes were Mr.

Wolf and Miss Deer..