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Even though it is sunny today, you can ride in the strong wind.

The joy is irresistible! It was too windy to ride far away, so I chose the “Pearl of Oujiang River” – Qidu Island.

This is the new anchor point of Wenzhou’s urban development, Wenzhou International Future Science and Technology Island, but it still has fields to cultivate.

As is said, urban and rural areas blend, and the old and new reflect each other.

Ride past – Shifu Bridge – “Poetry, painting, landscape, warm state” and pass through “Dali Temple”, Wenzhou Science and Technology Museum, Wenzhou “Yamen”, Wenzhou Grand Theater, one of the Wenzhou slogans: Millennium Commercial Port, Happy Wenzhou.

The only way for Wenzhou Citizen Center to ride to Qidu Island – the hollowed-out sign of Lucheng District on the Qidu Bridge – Shuanglu took off to the bridge and began to circle the island.

The wind is strong today, and the waves of Oujiang River are strong enough.

The “Wenzhou Center” Qidu Lighthouse, which is under construction, has its own river wind.

The reed sways along the Oujiang River, swaying with the wind.

Qidu Bridge is not a simple portal, but “Yinzhou Ancient Ferry Wharf Ruins”.

It used to be an important waterway and also a nostalgic memory of overseas Chinese.

Therefore, the monument was erected: ancient homesickness.

Dongmengshan – Wenzhou Great Wall saw a huge crane boat.

Here, please! Positioning: Yongle Pavilion in Lucheng District is a good place for friends to gather outdoors, drink tea and walk away, and also play Frisbee, volleyball.

The grassland is large, close to the river, and the car is easy to stop.

Giant machines in the distance.

Here is the direction of the sea.

The big trees in the countryside are a good place to enjoy the cool in summer.

Abandoned machines tell the mission of the past.

After Zhangli Village, there are Jay Chou’s “Rice Fragrance” and flowers blooming on the street.

Young people are more interested in the river wind.

I ride back in the direction of light in the wind.

Slow ride to feel this small island, no matter how many times, just to feel the slow life – Qidu Man! Wenzhou Ancient Road Platform provides the following services: domestic tourism, outdoor development, scenic spot cooperation, advertising, promotion, aerial photography of ancient road construction, contact number: Xiao Wang 18958781758 (same as WeChat), home accommodation reservation, cooperation: 15167801758 (same as WeChat)【