All the flowers in Shanghai are ready! Riding for an outing is not on the agenda yet?

Go to embrace the most beautiful March in Shanghai.

In fact, Chaoren said that many places in Shanghai have already blossomed pure white pear flowers in spring, light pink cherry blossoms, and bright red peach blossoms, all of which are blooming in succession and will reach their full bloom season in the whole March! Shanghai, which missed March, will have to wait for another whole year.

When it comes to outings, the most important thing is to open the door and open your legs! Some people like to have a picnic under the flower trees, others like to travel in the suburbs and personally feel that it is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

There is no better way than to ride a bike slowly on the boulevard with the fragrance of flowers.

We Shanghainese have always been particularly fond of cycling.

The bike sharing that can be seen everywhere is a big proof! So even if it’s a chance encounter with spring on a whim, don’t worry about any travel inconvenience.

How can we not have some awesome activities in such a good season? However, Alipay and Halo Bike launched the activity of “riding a tree model, fun and more beneficial” from March 4 to 10, 2019.