800 kilometers in 7 days! 67-year-old grandpa accompanied his grandson to school in Weihai by bike

Recently, Shandong Weihai boy and his 67-year-old grandpa rode 800 kilometers back to school for seven days to rush to the hot list.

The video publisher was a student of Harbin Institute of Technology.

He said: He was just about to start school, and he also liked to exercise, so he rode to school with his grandpa.

This is also my first trip and company.

I feel that such time is very precious.

Netizens from all over the country have praised and admired the two of them.

A netizen commented that such time is extremely precious, and it is also a meaningful company.

It is reported that after his grandson arrived at school, his grandfather took the high-speed rail home to prepare for the next trip.

The time is long and the company is too short.

Take advantage of the spring scenery, and go out with your family more.

Source: Dazhong.

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