57318 Ride the Sichuan-Tibet South Line Strategy D17: Batu to Ranwu

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57 Sichuan-Tibet service station team formation, equipment, car rental, accommodation team scanning and WeChat tips: Today is the last day of the second stage of the strategy, and the natural Uzbekistan of Ming Dynasty begins to enter the third stage: wave, Langqi Sichuan-Tibet 57318 Ride the Sichuan-Tibet South Line Strategy D17: Bayu to Ranwu Bayu 3252m ~ ↗ 38.1km 3841m in Jeddah Township ↗ 68.5km Anjola Mountain 4467m ↘ 90.2km Ranwu 3932m Traveler’s guidebook navigation: 2499255 Lunch navigation: the terminal accommodation navigation of the old comrade-in-arms Sichuan restaurant in Badu Jida Township: the suggested departure time of Badu Xinya Hotel: 7:00 Highlights: Ranwu Lake, Renlong Glacier, Laigu Glacier, Midui Glacier Reminder: 1.

Badu starts as soon as possible, and the probability of encountering adverse winds in Anjiula Mountain is high.


Near the Ranwu corridor in Ranwu, there is a high incidence of car crashes.

[57 Alliance Inn] Jeddah’s old comrades-in-arms Sichuan Restaurant (lunch meeting card+accommodation) Navigation search: The old comrades-in-arms Sichuan Restaurant Tel: 18708368903 Ranwu Chengdu Xinya Hotel Navigation search: The Xinya Hotel Tel: 1828355018217308959378 Today’s asphalt road is generally good, the slope of turning over Anjiula Mountain is not steep, the road from Anjiula Mountain to Ranwu is overcast, and the winter is easy to dark ice.

The 38km journey from Batu to Jida Township is basically a steep uphill journey, and each steep uphill journey is to prepare for an altitude climb of more than 100 meters.

The average speed of movement after eight nights out is one hour, which basically determines how long you can go to the pass.

If your average speed is about 10 kilometers, it will take about 4 hours for 38 kilometers.

We can start at 7 o’clock and have lunch at the 57 old comrade-in-arms hotel in Jeddah at 11:30.

It takes about 3 hours for Jida Township to reach Yakou for about 30 kilometers, with an average speed of 11 kilometers.

After lunch, take a break and head for the Anjiula Mountain.

There is no way to turn the road over the Anjiula Mountain that needs to change the general direction.

So it is decided that if you encounter a headwind, it is basically headwind throughout the whole process, and if you encounter a downwind, it is also downwind throughout the whole process.

Most students will encounter a headwind here, but there are also those who are blown up the pass by the downwind, such as Benben.

If our average speed of movement can be maintained at 11.5 km/h after starting from Jida Township, we can reach the pass in three hours and then slope.

At the beginning of the downhill of Anjiula Pass, there is a 5km long straight tarmac, and then it enters the shady section and goes down to Ranwu.

When passing the protective corridor, you must slow down, because there is no sunshine in the corridor, and there is a lot of dark ice under the ground.

In case of emergency, you must not brake hard.

Remind me again: hurry to the section with high incidence of car crashes in the Ranwu corridor of Ranwu! The Ranwu Corridor is also a high-incidence area of car crashes when the Anjiula Mountain is downhill.

There are pits and pebbles on the road.

It is easy for road vehicles to blow out tires here.

However, Wuzhen is located in a depression surrounded by snow mountains, and so is Manigango on the 317 northern Sichuan-Tibet line.

Therefore, the situation of flying snow in Ranwu in June also happens from time to time.

It’s really cold in Ranwu in winter.

It’s around ten degrees below zero in early November.

Some people will choose to go to see glaciers when Ranwu takes a rest.

There are many glaciers near Ranwu Lake, such as Renlongba Glacier, Laigu Glacier, Midui Glacier, etc.

The most famous one is Laigu Glacier.

The Renlongba Glacier is not as large as the ancient glaciers, but more people-friendly than the ancient glaciers.

The two large glacial lakes at the end of Laigu Glacier are daunting, while the long tongue of Renlongba Glacier extends from the snow line to the bottom of the valley, and people can easily walk on the glacier to have a zero-distance contact.

For the riding data, please refer to 7:05 in the morning and 11:31 in the afternoon to arrive at Jeddah’s old comrade-in-arms Sichuan Restaurant for lunch, with an average speed of 11.5 kilometers per hour.

Depart from Jeddah at 12:25 and arrive at Anjura Pass (downwind) at 15:36, with an average speed of 11.5 kilometers per hour.

Arrive at Ranwu at 17:15 in the afternoon, and change the tire once in the middle, with an average speed of 12.8 km/h.

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