30 safety suggestions on the way of riding


There are many road killers now.

When these car drivers see you, even when their eyes are opposite, they will not take the initiative to avoid because you are at an obvious disadvantage.

Therefore, riders must be more careful about drivers with four wheels.


Be careful of the door that is about to open.

It is a very common event to hit the door.

Of course, the only way to make sure it doesn’t happen is to keep a relatively safe distance between you and the parked vehicle.

And pay attention to the actions in the car.

These actions will tell you whether the person who opened the door has noticed you.


Be considerate.

While protecting yourself, pay attention to prevent bumping others.

It is small to lose one’s own fortune, but great to destroy the happiness of others’ families.


Stay away from the kerbs.

I don’t think you want your wheels to get stuck in the manhole cover.

Also, it is too close to the roadside, and it is often a place where dirty things gather, which will increase the possibility of your puncture.

Another point is that if you ride too close to the roadside, you will have no room for adjustment and will be more likely to be dangerous.


Helmets and gloves can play a good role in protection.

Don’t neglect your responsibilities to your family because you are handsome and cool.

It’s wonderful to think about the friction between bare skin and the road.


Don’t fight for breath, and live to be 100 years old.

If a car turning at the intersection will pass in front of you, even if the green light in front is on, wait for it to pass first.


Don’t wear headphones.

We all like beautiful music.

Music is also necessary in a specific atmosphere.

However, you should pay more attention to the safety of riding.

Your ears also play a huge role in cycling.

Listening to your voice and identifying your position can greatly improve your riding safety.


Stay focused at all times.

There is a huge billboard of semi naked beautiful women on the roadside.

Although it is beautiful and exciting, it is of no use.

You can’t take it back, so you should focus on the road ahead.

Maybe danger will come.


Pay attention to both sides of the road: A large number of annoying things will always cross the road for no reason.

Nails, iron wires, TV antennas, ladders, etc.

Anything you can think of may stay on both sides of the road.

Pay attention to these potential dangers.


The cars that turn left in opposite directions are the most dangerous.

Don’t expect the drivers of those cars to turn left after you pass.

They are also trying to catch up with you and pass first.


Don’t think you are safe in the bicycle lane.

Many commuters regard the bicycle lane as a safety island.

Unfortunately, the situation is not so optimistic.

For example, the lost manhole cover, the electric pole in the middle of the road or the green belt separating the road.

In addition, pay attention! Especially in our country, the situation that the car drives into the bicycle lane can almost be encountered at any time.

Even some drivers will suddenly drive out from the fork in the road.

You don’t know which driver is a novice, which one is distracted, and which one is making a phone call.

Even if the other person is completely wrong, both the car and the life are their own.

So you know, pay attention to observation, prediction, prediction, prediction.


Whenever you want to change the riding lane, you should slow down or even stop, and then make corresponding movements according to the traffic conditions behind.


Be careful of cars that suddenly change direction.

It is the best choice to stay away from them.


Looking forward, this is a common sense thing for cycling – but it is the cause of the most accidents.

Many cyclists have a quick glance at their current direction.

On the road, safety is an expectant thing.

If you want to improve your prediction ability, keep your focus.

If there is a situation, stop.

It won’t delay you too long.


Watch out for large vehicles around you.

Many accidents happen between cyclists and large vehicles, usually trucks, buses, or freight cars, which will lead to tragic consequences.


Don’t be a gambler who grabs the yellow light.

Obviously, it is very foolish to do dangerous acts at intersections.

Running a red light is like the fuse of a traffic accident.

If you do, you may be really blown up next time.


When traveling in groups, you should stay where you feel comfortable: don’t exceed the front car, and don’t be tied by the formation.

If you feel uncomfortable, you can pull over to slow down; Don’t worry.

After the adjustment, you will meet with the army at the next assembly point.


Accidents are most likely to occur in continuous drizzle.

At this time, the visibility on the road is very low, and the road surface is even slippery than in downpour.

It’s hard for you to control such a situation, so please concentrate.


Leave the portable music player at home.

It may make you unable to hear the warning siren of roller trucks.

Maybe you only need the music in headphones when you are in the intensive care unit.


Don’t gamble at the intersection, and don’t be too confident about the driving route of other vehicles.

Especially at the intersection, be careful.

This will reduce your probability of victimization by half.


Don’t chat: Even if you are skilled, chatting will distract your attention and reduce your ability to deal with emergencies.

Fighting is easy to lead to out of control vehicles and accidents.


No emergency braking: The meaning of braking is to control the speed of the car rather than stop it instantaneously.

If you want to stop, you must brake early.

Get into the good habit of braking in advance.

Emergency braking is likely to cause a rear end collision, or even a series of rear end collisions.


Cautious overtaking: In principle, overtaking is not allowed when riding in line.

If it is really necessary to overtake, the overtaking person must inform the front team members of the reason for overtaking, observe it from front to back, and leave a safe distance to overtake from the left under the condition of ensuring safety.

Unless there is an accident ahead or a team member needs help, overtaking is strictly prohibited when going downhill..