16000 kilometers a year is not a small number for an amateur driver. Even if you save time to enjoy a meal every day, it will disrupt your

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Thank you for your support! Author: Jianming_ 87121, source: As a cycling enthusiast, Jian Shu has been keen on cycling for more than three years, with a total journey of more than 20000 kilometers.

Now write a couplet, which is called “Joy in riding”! The first couplet: Ride today and ride tomorrow.

Say on your lips that winter is cold and summer is hot.

There are always reasons.

When is the right time? The second couplet: ride in sunny weather, ride in rainy weather, and work hard at your feet.

It’s warm in spring and cool in autumn.

You don’t have to choose, just go straight out! Spring is coming, and the most suitable season for cycling is coming.

Let’s ride a bike together and get into the arms of nature! Size: 2.40 × 0.60m × 2.

The editor also collated the following cycling couplets: the first couplet: dare to fight the cold and hot weather in spring, summer, autumn and winter; the second couplet: regardless of the plains, mountains and mountains in the southeast and northwest, the wheels of the eight sides of the horizontal scroll: Zhui Xing Wan Li —— the first couplet: two rounds of flying across the sky.

The second couplet: Pengcheng has traveled all over China with two feet.

Banner: Ride for thousands of miles —- ride for dreams and travel for thousands of miles.

Banner: fly with youth.