Zhixin recommends that the children’s cycling box of the out of stock Wang Wang team land in the cinema!

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With the popularity of “the great work of the barking team”, six lovely puppies quickly won the popularity of parents and children with their bravery, wisdom and kindness.

First aid in the fire for spotted dogs, Maomao, bulldog gravel, proficient in machinery, super agent Shepherd Archie, maintenance expert, mixed race gray Labrador road horse, water rescue, pilot Cocker dog, I ask every day, After watching the “Wang Wang team”, don’t even talk about adults.

Which child doesn’t want such an omnipotent and soft dog? It’s now! Before the Spring Festival, you can take the “Wang Wang team” home.

A children’s suitcase that can ride, slide and drag can meet the children’s wishes – end – more value-added surprises and benefits are available in the “Liaoyang lighthouse store of Zhixin cinema” Official wechat ยท recommended reading | members watch “hug you through the cold winter” on 19.9, with a score of 9.5.

Huang Bo and Jia Ling’s new film embrace the new year ~! Zhixin recommends “matrix 4: matrix restart” to confirm the introduction! Pending file! Zhixin recommends “miracle” to expose the role poster of “miracle team”! Qian Xi starring in “medicine God” team note: some pictures in this article come from Douban and the Internet.

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