YYDS! Are you sure about the 717 pound ride?

Wave after wave, surprised to find that just catch up with this wave and miss another wave? don ‘t panic! In addition to the snow ice city and Yadi 717 cycling Festival, Guanneng’s China tour is about to ignite the summer in Zhengzhou! This activity is amazing.

Yadi x Red Bull has a wave of cross-border partners! The collision between Red Bull “energy” and Guanneng series.

Do you love this combination? The 717 cycling Festival is a combination of strong and strong, and the heat explosion is about to occupy the trend of the whole July.

It’s hard to miss it! The protagonist of the trend is of course – millions of online celebrities recommend the popular Guanneng series electric vehicles.

Yadi Guanneng series electric vehicles can comprehensively improve the appearance and mileage.

The key is to charge once and double the mileage! Millions of Internet Celebrities and star travel love giegiegies are riding the same car.

Don’t tell me you’re not interested? You want to ask, what else is there besides cars? Three irrefutable reasons that can’t be missed – that is ceremony! Salute! Salute! A heavy gift grabs millions of online celebrities, recommends Yadi’s popular Guanneng series, buys one for four, rides a good gift and gives you everything you want! Just ask such a considerate merchant where to find? The double gift is a half price exchange for a small, light and beautiful student car, as well as a super cost-effective and practical pop rice color model.

The triple gift is 7.17-7.18.

Come to Meijing Vanke Plaza to participate in the on-site interaction and enjoy red bull anaghi drinks for free.

Have you seen it here? Are you moved? This tells you how to participate in the 717 cycling Festival! Activity time: July 16, 2021-july 20, 2021 Venue: Zhengzhou Meijing Vanke Plaza and all Yadi stores.