You who love cycling, remember these points, you can’t do it!

As the saying goes, “don’t do small things with good, and don’t do small things with evil.” There are always things that can be done and things that can’t be done.

As people who love cycling, there are always some things you can’t do in cycling.

Today, Xiaobian will talk about those things that can’t be done by cycling.


Never wear a helmet.

The helmet is an important part to protect our head during riding.

Remember to wear it.

Maybe you will say that I wear a riding scarf or riding hat.

In fact, these protections for our head are very little and can’t play any role in protecting our lives.

In case of danger, choosing a helmet from a regular manufacturer that meets the safety standards is the best choice.


Never ride with injuries.

It’s not a day or two.

Riding is a long-term exercise.

If you have an injury, you’d better calm down and wait for the injury to recover before doing riding exercise.

Unless there is special necessity, such as fighting in the race, you don’t have to try riding with an illness.


Never ride in dangerous places.

Cycling is an outdoor sport.

Since sports are dangerous, choosing a suitable place or road for cycling needs to be carried out under certain rules in order to ensure our own safety.

When you suddenly appear in the middle of the motorway or on the curve of mountain high-speed turning, the risk coefficient will rise to the highest in an instant.

This is absolutely undesirable.


Never think that your omnipotent riding is a technical work, which includes many riding skills and skills.

Don’t watch others finish or pass so easily.

Have you ever understood these special skills, which are constantly strengthened through continuous training.

If you don’t pass these special training and exercises, don’t try at will.

Don’t think about being cool, do things you haven’t practiced.


Don’t ride for the sake of “turning back”.

Don’t be embarrassed to say that many people first went into the pit and started riding because they thought it was cool and handsome.

But here we need to advise you that riding must be “safety first”, not cool, for this little so-called “turning back rate”.

Even if it’s cool, it’s not certain whether others will see it or not, is it.

It’s better not to do such a low probability thing.


Don’t be careless about others.

Riding is a team sport.

If you ride with your partner or in team riding competition, you must abide by the arrangement of team riding and team leader.

You can’t jump up and down in order to highlight yourself and completely ignore the team and the people around you.

Once there is a problem, you will fall to the ground and be injured.

When it occurs, you will regret.


Never fail to predict danger.

Riding is a dangerous sport.

You can’t ignore the danger.

You need to predict the possibility of danger in advance.

When the danger hasn’t happened, judge and deal with it in time.

If you can’t judge what danger you will face, it will be more terrible than the danger itself.


We must cherish our bicycles.

Bicycles are our riding weapons.

We need to take careful care of and care for them.

Check and maintain your car at any time.

Don’t throw it everywhere after riding.

Don’t check it when we ride next time.

In fact, often checking the vehicle equipment is not a waste of time.

It will protect you during riding.

As long as you remember “you are good to it, it will try its best to repay you…”.

These must be kept in mind, so that we can ride more and more safely.

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